Question on WW harvest time.

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  1. I've got two White Widow plants going into week 8 of bloom. My question is: when have you found is usually the ideal time to harvest White Widow plants?

    Some have told me the standard eight weeks, some have said 60 days, I've even heard 10 weeks. Right now the pistles are 70% brown, but the trics are still clear.

    I was also wondering how much weight they will put on in the last week and a bit and how fast the trics will go from clear to cloudy to amber.

    Help me out GRASS cITY.

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  2. it depends on a few few factors,most importantly how much light you gave it and how well your grow went (no over/under nutes and or water) I flower mine (5 plants ) under a 600w lamp and it takes me 8 weeks and 2 days. the last 2 days being in the dark.
  3. What is the benifit of the 48 hrs dark at the end?
  4. greenhouse seeds recomends darkness before harvest in order to absolutely stop new growth and finish the life cycle

  5. Turns White:D:eek::hello: Ive read 5 days myself... growing my first one now myself... Scrogged the bitch!:eek:
  6. go by the trichomes, not pistils. as each and every plant will have a different time it ripens.......


    get a hand held Microscope to look at your Trichs

    I use this one Illuminated Microscope -

    peace and good luck

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