Question on which quantum board to get.

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Sade, Jun 12, 2019.

  1. So I just got my 5x5 tent in and definitely going with HLG quantum.
    My question is what would be the best option for my tent?

    One hlg 600w quantum board RSpec with the Bluetooth controller

    Or two 320w XL Rspec?

    Seems like the two 320w would surpass just the one board.
  2. I’m 100% noob here. My suggestion is 5 HLG sabers. You’ll get really even ppfd coverage. That would be my dream set up, but I cannot afford it.
  3. Saber’s or the 96 elites.

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  4. Oh wow actually the sabers are looking very awesome actually. Saying 6 bars would flower a 5x5 and just need two drivers. So my question is do I need to order anything else aside from bars and driver's? Like wago connectors, wires, etc.
  5. I’m in the midst of jumping down this rabbit hole for the first time too. Here are some resources that will help you:

    Horticulture Lighting Group

    Not the saber, but similar principle:

    there are 4 videos in this series, btw.
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  6. You’ll need wagos,wire, a power chord, and some way to hang it. Not familiar what you’ll need to hang them with it’ll be a get creative when you get your hands on them.
  7. What kind of wires and power cord do I need?
  8. Power tool replacement chord on amazon and 18 gauge solid core wire. Red and black. You can use stranded but solid core definitely go into wagos and the connectors on the board way smoother.
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  9. 41QVzFK5TRL._AC_SY400_.jpg 51CpIxqIWbL._AC_SY400_.jpg
    So these two things correct.
  10. Yes on both of those. The power chord is for one side of the driver the 18guage wire is for the other side running to each of the sabers. The power chord will go to your outlet or power strip that’s probably obvious but I’m just clarifying for clarifications sake.
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  11. 41esQgleVUL._AC_SY400_.jpg
    And these are the correct wago connectors? Just making sure I get everything right when I order Friday.
  12. Yep!
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  13. 600W is the better choice. If you don't mind, check this light out. Three pcs can cover 5x5 well during flower stage.
  14. I didn't want to order two separate wires so I got a roll of 18/2 solid core thermostat wire.

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  15. That’ll work
  16. Actually very excited I was talked Into getting the saber 100. Plan on getting 8 of them to put in my 5x5 hoping heat won't be too bad.
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  17. As long as you keep the power supplies outside of your tent, it should be manageable. Sounds like you’re going to have a really nice light setup
  18. Yea have to figure out a neat way to put up the wires and cords. Top of the tent probably look like a web from wires lol.
  19. What about a 4x4 tent with 2 HLG 260s R -Spec? You guys still recommend the sabers?

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