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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by HazedNorby, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. Hello GC glad to be back on here but im afraid its more questions lol. I am starting my second proper grow now but with more equipment comes more problems.

    First thers my new tent that ive coverd entirely with white reflective sheeting and eliminated all light leaks and gaps but then came the problem with heating. I have a new 600 watt hps that i havnt set up yet but i know it will get way to hot in ther, the size of my tent is quite small as im only going to grow 2 plants its 50 deep 75 wide and 140cm tall. Is 600 watts to high for this space????

    Im also fitting 2 fans 1 intake and 1 exhaust both with a rate of 85m cubed per hour will this help enough?

    Thanks gc and hope to start off a good grow very soon :)
  2. bump anyone? I plan to finish my set up tomorrow, Peace
  3. Patience my friend. I'm still trying to convert your crazy French metric numbers into Imperial units. ;)

    600w is pretty big for that space but, hey, you've got light and the tent. Is the hood air-cooled at least? Your fans are pretty small 85 cu. m/hr is only 50 cfm. You're going to need more flow, I'm afraid.
  4. lol haha take your point on the metric but thats england for you, and i dont thnk the light is cooled but would it help if i aim the intake ducting at the light itself? cheers mate
  5. You owe me a hit because I just couldn't hold one when I read that. Guess much like me when they said switch here I played asleep. :D

    I would say that is plenty of light and you should see big things from it if all else goes well.
  6. Thanks thats what i hope for, my first grow with one pathetic 125 watt cfl i got an ounce of thin bud that wasnt much good i hope to do alot better with this new light it will just be an adjustment to get used of the extra power! :)
  7. 125 watt CFL is fine for veg on 1-3 plants. I use one and have seen some interesting results.
    But for bud you want lots of nice strong HPS light. I tried CFL for bud but unfortunately the plant got nutrient burnt during the finish process and it didn't turn out well at all. This time I am starting out with 150 watt hps for flower cycle on a single plant just to see what can be achieved. So far the difference between the CFL and HPS in flower is very noticeable.
    Keep us posted and best of luck.
  8. As u say the light was good up untill flowerin started and it just wasnt good enough. But as my first time growing an ounce was acceptable, i hope to get 3 or more ounce off each one as im going to lst or fim which ever seems better at the time. Thanks for the advice people
  9. On a final note, im going to grow alaskan ice and since ive bought them all ive found out about them is how shit the seeds are, how hard it is to grow and how much it stretches. Im now not feeling so good about this grow as thers not much info about this srain on here, can anyone put my mind at ease with this please? Cheers
  10. Anyone have any ideas on this strain please?

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