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    Anyone use softened city water? I know about the 24hr set out period in an open container. I know it takes the chlorine and whatnot out, but does it do anything for the salt in it since its softened. Ive got a water bong that has a sink trap type bend in the lower portion of the tube as an ice catcher, well I have filled it to the top from the bend with ice(about 12 inches of tube with ice in it) its pipe diameter is about the size of a silver dollar, I'm explaining this for a reason, hold on. Ive filled the pipe about 3 times with ice and just let it melt and empty the lower bulb as needed, anyways you can see a salt buildup in the upper tube, not resin or whatnot, its actually salt, I'm thinking this will be a problem when I start growing, anyone know a good cheap source of RO water, Id like my own system but dont have the funds or a place or reason(fake reason) to have one installed. ANY HELP??!!:confused:

    HOWEVER, I do have a place after all, My room shares a wall with a bathroom and has a sing installed opposite of the wall by my door, and there is an access panel that has water lines, the cold like has already been tapped for a refridgerator in my room(it doesnt work with the water lines hooked up, so using filtered fridge water isnt an option.) I can tie a smaller RO system there but what about a reservoir to hold the filtered water in? and do they make a system I could hook up till the holding tank is full and then have like a quick disconnect fitting?
  2. I have a water softner at my house as well. But the garden hose isn't softened. check that out. that's all i can really say to this :)
  3. Thanks, for sure. I was thinking about that but wasn't sure, plus no flowers this summer made it, and I didn't if it was that or other reasons, I will say it didn't rain much this year, and grandmother forgetting probably help seal their fate. Oh well I guess, Ill try the hose, there is a hose faucet right outside my back door.:D also, has anyone tried collecting rain water, or what about snow in the winter, let it melt indoors and reach temp of course but, if your in an area where pollution isn't a problem it could work and is probably cleaner than any city water.
  4. yep. my girl friends mom collects rainwater and uses it. and if u get the some of the first snowmelt. im sure it would be prime. just be careful. once the snowmelt starts runnin for a while. a lot of bacteria forms in it and it can make ur plants sick. and u if u drank/ate it. but rain water is good.

  5. THANKS!!!:bongin::metal::gc_rocks:

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