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  1. I've got a 50galon reservoir and I need to know of a good pump that I could attach a garden hose to. Does anyone have any recommendations? I went to the hydro store and they tried to charge me 220$ for there setup. Could I just purchase any pump off ebay and it would attach to a hose? Thanks
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    I use an "Ace" brand 1/6 horsepower sump pump ....... I think it was $85 at the hardware store..... works great !!!
  3. what size hose does it attach too? and were watering nossels easy to find for that size?
  4. The pump fits a standard garden hose .... which there are tons of wands and nozzles available for.
  5. sweet thanks, this is a electric pump that plugs into the wall? youve been more then helpful

  6. Yep, .... plugs in with a 3 prong plug ..... Good luck and happy watering !!!

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