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  1. So I'm using a 4 x 2 x 5 tent and I purchased a 6 in inline with a carbon filter. I live in like an 80 room condo building on the 4th floor facing the street and I am wondering how to set up my exhaust and how do Set up air going into my tent. I'm confused on ventilation and I'm scared people from the street may smell my exhaust. I will figure out how to disguise the duct exhaust but will people still smell it outside if I have the filter? Also I have intake vents on the bottom of the tent, do I just leave those open?
  2. Use a good quality carbon filter and there shouldn't be a smell issue. You can exhaust the tent in to the room it's in, that's what I do and it works fine. As the fan exhausts the tent, it will draw air in from anywhere it can. So as long as the fan is powerful enough, there shouldn't be a problem
  3. I'm using an Apollo 4 inch inline cf with 2 nice size plants in there, and they stink when you open the tent! But once it zipped up my carbon filter is always on low unless it's really hot outside. I have a family member that come over to take a look at my plants once in a while and they can't smell a thing and I'm only using a 4 inch inline you have a six cents so you have a lot more CFM's! Try not to have no Bends in your ducking! It takes away from the CFM's but you have a small tent so I don't even think you have a problem unless you had major Bends in your ducking. Just don't use anything cheap you have to try to buy the best because you get what you pay for in this whole industry!!! Good Luck with your Grow. I have some pictures that you probably seen how I get fresh air into my tent and how my exhaust is set up. My temperatures have been fine because I run The lights during the coolest part of the day which is at night of course. If you didn't see my pictures maybe you can get ideas from them? I'm not sure but I'll send them if you ask me to! Btw: I don't use passive intake my tent is totally sealed.

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