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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by mr.travels, Jul 15, 2004.

  1. i was wonderin how i know when my plants done vegging, also how do i force it to start flowering, change my lighting to 12/12?
    appreciate ur chronic knowledge
  2. Welcome to da city!
    well youll know that ure ready to start flowering as soon as pre-flowers appear on the plant, switch to 12/12 to start flowering.
    Most people switch to 12/12 when its about 12" tall on average!
    U can force it to flower before the preflowers appear if u want, most people do!
    a plant that is flowered at 12" tall would probably grow to maybe 30" -> 36" tall when finished so it depends on wot kinda space u have and ure set-up really!
    U should look around the forums and read as much info as u can if u wanna grow good bud!
    Hope that helps!
  3. sounds good, my grow space is decent, a little over 4 feet, and has nice width.
    i have some lights ive been using but there just getting the job done, u think if i just hit up my local lighting store i could get better bulbs. im not lookin for somethin real serious because i probably wont be able to get my hands on one but some type that will supply the plant with what it needs. thanks mns
  4. 4ft is good height to play with, em if ure using normal light bulbs then id definitely go looking for a different light.
    u have 3 main types of lights that u can actually use for growing:
    1. HPS/High Pressure Sodium - The best really!
    2. MH/Metal Halide - Good for vegging/bad for flowering
    3. Flouro's - 'cool whites' are good for vegging and add 'warm whites' when flowering.(these also come a CFL's/Compact Flourescent's)

    If u can find a hps security light in 'walmart' or sumtin then youll be on your way! if u cant then id pick up sum flouro's (cool whites and warm whites) and that'll do.
    Halogens,Blacklights/UV lights,Normal lightbulbs wont work and will cause loads of problems so forget about em!
    PS if ure actually gonna go for it then id advise doing sum reading to make it worth while :D
    Hope that helps!
  5. thanks for the advice and help withy the lights, im about to go check out some places later on. im thinkin of startin some new ones too so they will have the good lights from the start. im really interested in this so ive been duin some reading, but if u got any extra side tips from your own experiences im ready to listen
  6. i called up some lighting places in the area and i didnt even know what to ask them besides if they carry flour bulbs(cool and warm) and they got em but i was getting asked the size i need andwhat watt. wasnt sure so i told them ill just stop by and check them out. itd be sweet if u could hook me up with some more specific details.
  7. Hey man, welcome to the City. :)

    You have to remeber that the higher the watts and size, the better yelid and production you'll get. It also means the more heat you'll get. If you have a good fan and vent system set up, then go for the higher end and brighter bulbs. Flouros are great for vegging, and yet are nice and cool. They're what I use. But really, let your budget and resources decide for you. :)

    Just remeber- the brighter and more powerful, the better.
  8. alright, so if im lookin for a powerful bright florescent bulb what type of wattage should it be so its not to intense.
  9. 400w/600w hps is what you want if your willing to spend a little more.
  10. well ure gonna need sumtin like 40/50w per plant but the more the better so id go for 100w per plant if ure only growing 1/2.if u can get ure hands on a hps though it would be better ;)
    just make sure that when u go to the shop that the lights will actually fit in ure space, try to cram as much light as u can in there without the temps getting too high.
  11. alright thanks guys, ill let you know how things go as i progress

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