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Question on Tube Amps

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by RunningRiot, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. So I just bought a solid state amp almost a year ago, and I've heard nothing but complaints about how I should get a tube amp instead just doesn't sound as shitty.
    I agree.
    I'm big on the quality of my sound, so if a tube amp will make it better, that's what I want to get.

    But my question is..
    Can I just buy a tube amp head? Will the solid state cabinet still give off the same quality of sound? Or am I just better off selling the whole stack, and buying a new one?
  2. There shouldn't be any real difference between tube and solid state amps as long as you spent the money on a good one. We made the experiment in uni, we took 8 different amps, 4 of them solid state and 4 of them tube amps. We then got a musician to play each amp 3 times with 3 different guitars at 3 different settings to a random group of people who worked there, students and teachers (I'm in audio school btw so all the teachers are pretty seasoned audio engineers -.-) and then made a survey. No one could really tell which was which.

    Your solid state amp will continue to give off the same quality of sound so if you're not happy with it get a better one.

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