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Question on traveling

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dragonace, May 11, 2011.

  1. I'm seriously considering taking small amounts of weed with me to smoke during the day during my travels and while at work, what would be the best tool for this? Should I just pack a one hitter and keep that in a pocket, or should I pack a bowl and hit it thruout the day, or should I get a vap and take that with me? I'm not to comfortable riding dirty like this, but sometimes my day gets soooo fuckin boring I need something to help me get by so I need some options that are discreet as hell so no one will suspect anything. Suggestions?
  2. Roll some j's and blunts. Eat them if anything happens to come up.
  3. If you're really worried about being safe, a magic flight launch box or iolite would totally be best for you.
  4. papers or hitters
  5. roll a joint and put it inside a sharpie

  6. We got a stoner professional. Lol. That's so sick seeing dudes with high income that smoke. Guess coke went outta style.
  7. roll couple small joints.

    If you carry a bowl and hit it all day, your pocket gona stink of weed smell, before, during, and after.

    A joint, is best for traveling/at work.
  8. LOL!! Nah, its not like I travel for work or anything, I mean while I'm running errands and other shit during the day. Although I do have a corporate job, I'm just not rolling in money like that.
  9. Roll a few joints and put them inside a hollowed out highlighter or sharpie.
  10. Like everyone else has said...a joint and a small unassuming airtight canister to store it in after taking a few tokes is the best (I use a supplement bottle). No paraphernalia and no nugs to be caught with. Worst case scenario is you're caught with less than a gram and no piece. That is, if you can't eat a small jay while being pulled over. Use strike anywhere matches rather than a lighter if you are paranoid (most tokers lighters have resin on the bottom)
  11. yeah. im almost envious of the guys in the 80s who would work at high paying jobs to buy coke to do their job to buy more coke.... seems like it wouldve been fun for awhile. now most people using cocaine are crack users.
  12. Get a Magic flight lunch box. They're really amazingly discrete as far as odor and plus a vape high is a little different than a smoked high. A little more clear

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