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    Ok so I have a few seedlings (about 3 weeks old) which I transplanted to mother earth a few days ago, I dug holes about 1-1 1/2ft deep or so and filled it with potting soil. 2 days afterwords a giant storm came in and wiped out all of my babies except for 1 which is somehow thriving.

    I realize this was a noob mistake now because 80% of the potting soil drained away in the other plots, so how do I correct this mistake? Should I dig up some of the natural land and spread it around the base of the plant, so it wont wash away like the others did?

    It's my first time trying to grow plants so any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. sorry to hear that... the season is still you have time to start more plants...

    but you want to transplant your girl now? its best to dig up plants at night... i usually spray the roots with a 2 7 7 solution to help with damaged roots.

    chances are the soil is still in the holes you dug (if you dug deep enough) there maybe a few cm of eroded soil covering it... but not all hope is lost

    if alot of the soil washed away... extra soil at the base of your babies isn't bad.... remember to mulch peace and good luck...
  3. I would take your one survivor and put it back inside under some CFLs and nurture it.

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