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Question on tolerance?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by breatheeasy, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. I've smoked daily for a year and a half with one t-break. Right now I feel like I'm too dependent on it for eating, mood, and sleep. I don't plan on stopping completely but just smoke it occasionally like a couple times a week. My question is should I take a month long t-break before starting back to smoke or should I just cut back right away and not worry about cleaning my system out. I'm just tired of relying on it for appetite, sleep, and to be in a good mood.
  2. You should take a break for a while. Your tolerance most likely will go down so you wont need to smoke as much either
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    My opinion, smoke weed everyday, maybe change up your strain you smoke. I am constantly smoking the same strain so switching for me can be interesting.
    I've gone a week on only edibles but I prefer to smoke my weed
  4. [quote name='"CaliOGKush"']My opinion, smoke weed everyday[/quote]

    Haha! Hooray :0)

    I smoke according to my stress level.
  5. I think taking t-breaks are good for more reasons then the tolerance. I just did a two week one and it was nice to do somethings during the time I would have smoked and did other things.
  6. Do whatever you feel like doing. If you really feel like you're relying a bit too much on it then take a tolerance break. Not only will you feel better but when you smoke again you're gonna get ripped.
    Do at least 2 weeks imo
    Although, even a week break helps a lot

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