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  1. Hi , just a few questions on flowering food
    first one is about fox farm "tiger bloom". now i noticed a good few people on the weed forums using it and also a few growers on you tube, both been getting good results. been tempted to try it, but i noticed that the n.p.k. is 2.8.4. confused to why there is still nitrogen in it as i noticed some other flower foods just have p and k.
    i noticed the cana pk is 13/14 which has no nitrogen.
    i also noticed that with some nute company's, they have about 6-8 different products for different weeks.
    that's just bollocks lol
    so another question is ,what flower food would you recommend for a complete pk boost? one i can simply use from flower week 2 onto week 6-7 . i like to leave the last two weeks with water only.
    i have tried using advance nutrients bigbud as a flower starter and inhancer early on in flower but i know you only meant to use it flower weeks 2-4 as its not a complete pk food, its actually low in p and k and can be used with other nutes.
    looking for something to really fatten them buds and a friend have had a few successful little grows with leds but still been lacking yield, bloody good tackle mind ,proud to say it was some of the best stuff i smoked in all my years.
    going to be chucking some extra cfl's with the leds next time to boost that watt up in flowering but i want to give them the best in food also.

    any help would be really appreciated, i would not say I'm a total newbie but still an apprentice lol
  2. I use Kgro (3.99) in veg and Beastie Bloom Trio ($150) though bloom. (plus Rock and Cal/Mag)
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  3. You still need N in flowering. I use big bloom with tiger bloom makes the nugs really frosty. Instead of following the recomondations on feeding I almost double it my plants can handle that but they are a good fert
  4. nice one TeeJay . was just checking out that beastie bloom .
    ( 0 - 50 - 30 ) i noticed. yeah thats more like it
    one thing though. i was watching some grow vids and they said early on in flower a higher p then k is good
    but late on in flower more k than p is good? so many different ideas i suppose

    thanks for the feedback. ether way it looks good tackle.proper high numbers for the p and k
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    i have noticed that you can get a three pack by fox farm which has a veg food,,bigbloom and tigerbloom
    i take it the bigbloom is the flower starter/inhancer then?

    as for the nitrogen, i take it some people are just fussy on looking for that yellowed look at the end when using no nitrogen at the end? my last grow was green till the end and it still tastes lovely. so a bit of N dont look a problem to me.

    thanks for the feedback
  6. I use fox farms trio and granular trio. Swear by the beastie and cha ching. Bigger juicy buds

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    thanks, i think i will defiantly be trying some of the fox farm stuff, yeah i heard of that cha ching. is that to aid in ripening and flavor .like a final stage thing?
  8. Yes it makes ur buds resiny. Beastie makes the nugs big

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  9. well, i like the sound of both of them :)

  10. Ok u asked ....please no flames......i use maxibloom and recently miracle grow bloom booster. Frankly, the bloom booster(stuff is dirt cheap) is really performing very well.
  11. funny enough i seen plenty of people saying miracle grow stuff is no good, but then people using it and proving otherwise. i have an old mate who also does a bit. he says all this fancy stuff is bollocks.
    as long as its got n.p.k , it will do
    he done loads of grows just on a good grade tomato food with seaweed extract. he found 1 good for veg and another with higher p and k for flowering
    .he wasnt using massive lights but was pulling a few oz a plant and i sampled it and it was a good smoke.

    just intrigued ,whats the n.p.k of the, two things you mentioned ?
    thanks for your feedback
  12. All the "fancy stuff" IS "bullocks.
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  13. maxibloom 5-15-14
    MG bloom booster 15-30-15
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  14. few peeps mentioned maxi bloom..nice one..
    so much to choose from. like a kid in a candy stall
  15. Jacks Peat Lite: 20-10-20
    (Cuz myca doesn't like P ppm over 80)
    Jacks Aquagold Finisher: 7-15-30
    (Gotta like the sulfur)

    I use less than a lb combined to get 20 zips out of 6 plants. Resently, purchased 25lbs of each for <$80. So I am good with nutes like...forever.
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  16. thanks dave, taking notes on all these posts for the future
  17. It's funny how NPK's seem to be all over the place. Have you've ever heard of the lucas formula in hydro? It may be one of the most tried with good results simple hydro method for cannabis. The basic formula is twice as much phosphorus as nitrogen and slightly less potassium then phosphorus. There are many products on the market that are close to this ratio out of the bottle.

    In my experimenting with vegging with grow nutrients that have a lower phosphorus ratio I would run into phosphorus deficiency mid to late veg. That doesn't happen vegging with FN bloom.

    GH maxibloom and GH floranova bloom are two that are used for the lucas formula in veg and bloom. It can also be done with GH flora series micro and bloom. That is the original way.

    I've been vegging with FN bloom 4-8-7 and in flower I will add a small amount of GH liquid koolbloom 0-10-10. This gives me a little boost in p&k over the base fn bloom formula. I use that up until about 6-7 weeks depending on strain. When I'm in the last two weeks of ripening I'll switch to a small amount of GH flora micro 5-0-1 and dry koolbloom 2-45-28. This tapers off the nitro ratio at the end.

    I think that General Hydroponics FN bloom is one of the easiest and best one bottle options for start finish growing.
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  18. no i had never heard of the lucas formula .just been reading about that.
    funny enough, me and a friend have been doing a few small grows and we have seemed to get like red/purplish petioles on a few plants starting in late veg. we was looking on a deficiency chart and it said it could be phosphorous
    deficiency .so it makes sense what you say. we had been giving them phosphorous but maybe not enough.

    great feedback and info Tbone, i have added FN bloom to my list of nutrients to look into
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