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  1. What would be a good strain for the mid-west? I heard anything completely indica or a lowryder cross...

    I have heard bad things about lowryder, but would a cross be a good way to go?

    Lowryder 2 would be nice because it supposedly completes the cycle in 9 weeks... Is this true? What are the yields like? What is the quality like?
  2. Seriously?....

    Indicas are good everywhere. They are mainly grown indoors.

    Your location isn't that big of a deal unless you are growing outdoors......if I was growing outdoors in Kansas where I grew up, I would plant sativas. They take a little while longer, but they can get ginormous and yeild quite a bit. And I would plant them right after the last frost before spring.
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    Do lowryder 2's have a good reputation? If those suckers could finish in 9 weeks I would plant a few sets to have constant bud turnover...

    Are they good?

    And yes... outdoors is the plan.
  4. lowryder generally has low yield and arent very good quality buds. i would go with the guy that said sativa
  5. I would not look into lowryder for an outdoor strain.. if you are trying too start now it is too late in the season... Unless you can get a hold of clones and you still have at least 2-3 months of good weather ahead...

    An indica would be ideal to finish and some flower in like 45 days.. go to a few seed sites. I recomend a company called nirvana.. or to do some good research.. all strains are listed and information as well...
  6. Would Early Bud be a good selection for the mid-west?
  7. Here's the thing. Depending on where you are in the mid-west, you may only have enough time to get one harvest.

    If you live in the middle states, like Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, Illinois, Indians....basicaly all the state where you get all four seasons pretty equaly, it's best, if you are growing outdoors, to plant what will give you a high yeild. In those states....if planted at the right time, sativas can grow over 6 feet tall and just as big around. That means that outdoor growers there for the most part only harvest once a year, but they harvest quite a bit.
  8. Well, from what you said, it sounds like I have more options than I originally thought...

    Could I grow WW outside in this region?

    What would be the ideal outdoor strain for this region?
  9. You can grow anything you want. Granted, the sun isn't as powerful anywhere as it is on the equator.....but you can still grow shit.

    You should be more concered with what you personaly want to smoke, than worried about what would good for your specific region.

    You can grow WW outside. Some people will tell you that if you are going to grow something for yourself, and something nice, then you should do it indoors. I am one of those people.

    I haven't gone and bought expensive seeds from a bank or anything, but indoor growing takes a lot variables out of the picture for you. Especialy rain. If yur gonna grow outside, and you haven't done it before. Use some bag seeds for a test run first before you drop hard earned cash on seeds.
  10. I have heard that outdoor grows produce the most per plant and the best quality of bud...

    Regardless, indoors isn't an option for me...
  11. Outdoors has the best chance of the plant being given the best it can(generally) but you still have to go to as much trouble, sexing, pests. nutrients, etc..

    I live in the West and there is only a few months left so I would only have time to take a clone(that is already from a mature mother..) and hope that it will flower for two months or more before it gets cold
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    Well, I think I know where to go with this... I'll get an indica /sativa X strain. I'll find some strain I would like and I will grow it.

    For now... research...

    Two final question about seeds...

    Could I buy them now and keep them until spring to germinate, sprout, veg...?

    How many seeds should I plan on buying to grow 3-4 female plants?
  13. 1: you can buy them any time, they will last. Keep them dry.

    2: You can get a regular pack of seeds, you can get feminized seeds, you can get feminized auto-flowering seeds, and you can get male seeds. They aren't one 100% all the time, but if you get fem seeds the majority will be female.
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    Ok, I'm not done asking questions... :D

    How are those Lowryder X AK47 auto flowering strains?

    I was thinking about getting 10 seeds of those. Ideally, if I could grow two to three females, I wold be able to harvest by mid July, assuming I were to plant them at the beginning of May.

    I also would get 10-20 seeds of some other strain... like a hybrid indica/sativa cross. I could then harvest those at the end of September...

    Does this sound like a good plan?
    My only concern is the quality, stability, and effectiveness of the Auto AK47 strain...
  15. Plant at the end of April. I dunno how they make them auto-flower. Google it. You will probably be able to plant twice a season with those auto-flowering strains too.

    They don't call it lowryder for nothing though, even though it's crossed with AK, it will still probably be a short plant.
  16. For my plans, shortness would be ideal for this particular location...

    What is the quality of the bud like on the Auto AK47?
  17. AK47 itself is some of the most potent.
  18. When you look at a plant like lowryder you are giving up yeild... just because you have a height restriction does not indicate the need of an auto flowering plant... you can make any indica a short growing plant by many methods why give up on a genuine yeild and grow... shit if i was woried about the look of the plant out doors I would throw a few of those plastic flowers on it...HA
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    3 things ...

    False statement "Growing outdoors increases yield and poetency" This is 100% wrong! Growing indoors allows you to control every single variable of your projects. This control is lost outside!

    In other words, plants will grow as tall and as long as they have light to them and are properly cared for. Plain and simple. If you have a vault ceilling that is 40 feet high, you can get some seriously massive weed trees happening. I have seen ( and this is only my personal experience only, the tallest plants inside) go up to about 12 feet high with colas about 1 foot wide. Potency is earned by researching genetics, with care and attention to what your doing. If you leave it to chance (growing outside), you get what mother nature gives you. If you grow inside, you are god! By controling, and optimising variables inside, this is how you can increase potency. I have 3 WW folwering in first week and they are about mmmm 3 feet high each (which will grow to about from a foot more to 3 feet more) for a max total of 6 feet, and this is an indica dominant strain!

    Anything can be done indoors, again by controling variables you can even reverse hermies (though not suggested). and even go as far as getting seeds from a feminised plant! The latest and greatest will always be achieved this way, in next to sterile environments which are kept almost as religiously as medical labs.

    If you have fields to grow, then ok fair enough, if you have greenhouses (which is sorta considered interior growing) you have more control, If your plants are potted with good soil even better (outside). What it comes down to is how much you get into it and study this science which is actualy pretty amazing once you really get into it.

    As for plant shortness, I would defiantely go with an indica strain, though some , very select strains such as Timewarp f5 hybrids can grow tall and fast (if this is what your after, 45 days flowering is all it takes. F.Y.I: TWf5 is one of my cash crops, good yeilder. If this is really what your looking for there's a short flowering period for a select seed(s). I found one such excelent strain from Australia (kiwi seeds) called 2 pounder which might be worth some more investigation on your behalf.

    If it's really size that matters for you and not so much time, which is definately a factor, I would look into low stress or bending technics with biger plants.

    Really what it boils down to is what you want exactly from your plant, once you figure that out then you just need to make it happen. A word to the wise... be curious, always be on the look out for more information about what your doing, educate yourself, knowledge is power, from there you can apply that knowledge and be successful. No one ever said you can't be stoned and smart @ the same time! :)

  20. What a load of garbage !!!! Outdoor growers get MUCH bigger yields than indoor growers. It is LIGHT that generates plant tissues, the process is called PHOTOSYNTHESIS and no way can a feeble little lamp begin to match the light intensity of the SUN.

    This lady gave me over a pound of dried/cured.


    greenlove, you show me a lady grown under your feeble indoor lamps as big as her.

    Potency is a matter of genetics, and then how well the buds are dried and cured. A LOT can go wrong there, the grower has to know what he is doing.

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