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  1. I just started my second grow and I was broke at the time so I germinated and planted in normal (from the yard after a good rain) soil. They have just sprouted from the soil but I get paid tomorrow and was going to go buy good pots and fertile soil from a local place. I was wondering how I should go about transferring the plants to bigger pots with the good soil and such, or if I should even do it at all?
  2. What kind of container are they in now?

    General approach to transplant: fill the new larger container with soil. Scoop a hole in the center about the size of the pot the plant is in now. Actually put that pot (with the plant in it) into the hole and form the soil to fit all around it. Now lift out the pot that the plant is in, and you've left yourself a perfect hole that is the exact size and shape that the rootball will be.

    Next, take the pot the plant is in and squeeze the sides gently, flexing them to loosen the soil from sticking to them.

    Put one hand over the top of the pot, with the plant poking up through your fingers. Put your other hand on the bottom of the pot.

    In one smooth motion, flip the pot over. The rootball might slide out into your hand, if not give the bottom of the pot some gentle spanks until the rootball slides out.

    With the rootball in one hand (plant is still poking between your fingers), put your other hand on the bottom of the rootball.

    In one smooth motion, flip it back right side up. Then slide it into the hole in the new pot, pat it down, and give it some water. Done.
  3. I gave them in plastic Glad bowl container. Ha. Not the shallow rectangular ones but these are like 2inch deep actual bowls. Thanks for the help, I will do.

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