Question on setting up stealth grow

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by keico, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. Ok have some more questions

    I have read the CFL guide and am very thankful for all the advice.

    However i keep reading that when flowering it is best to use a combination of HPS with CFL

    Is this really necessary

    I ask because I am concerned about electrical usage and burning the plants
  2. No it is not.

    This link will help you a great deal - CLICK
  3. I use a combination of compact CFL's and a couple big bulb cfl standard socket size and a couple 24 inch 20watt tubes for side lights.(the tubes are pretty much crap but I still threw them in for shits) and the whole wattage total is like 260 and like 20g's of lumens of both red and blue spectrum. For two plants. It works good. Also the temp stays at 75-80 f. thats a big factor in stealthiness and why flouros can be a good idea. but nothing like the great outdoors! I'm ready to go in the back yard come on spring! Man why does the trainwreck have to stretch so much. Like three inch spaces between nodes. Gosh darn vines I tell you. the tips look like they are begining to finally start cola production. And I hope they are done stretching I have some overhead to work with but not much. Try to put any non cooled or exhausted HPS in small cab and make yourself some cannabis jerky. My freind vegged four beautiful plants under flouros and then stuck a 400 watt hps in his closet and turned them into curly fries over night! What a waste of life and a month and half.(just thought I'd share that story) My little flouros will burn the tips off the fan leaves in a half hour if they touch. I burn them from time to time getting them positioned close to the bud sights."Just the fan tips mind you" What are you going to grow in.I'm using old laminated garage cabinet that I stacked in my spare room closet and fashined two awesome $5 steel fans one exhaust out the top and one blowing in from the bottom. I don't worry about the smell. Nobody goes in my spare room anyways. It's my office. These haven't been flowering long. I hope they come out O.K. I hope your stealth grow come out great also. If you need any help I'll check in and see what's going on. Man this is a huge ass post. I just burned a proppper and drank like 40oz of coffee if that has any thing to do with it. Cheers! :smoke:
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