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    Before anyone says anything, i searched and couldn't find anything.
    I'm having a really big problem with my plants. Outdoor, 5 gallon buckets, about 4 weeks into flowering I'd say.
    Now the problem is the leaves are turning a rust color (not yellow but rusty) and the plant is dieing from the top down. Yes, top, not bottom. Also, they're drying up and dieing, but only secondaries, the main colas are still intact thus far.
    Can anyone direct me to a few pictures or whatnot of root bound symptoms? So far that answer is my prime suspect.
    Trying to get everything i can out of these four but it's my first grow so I'm still learning those simple (yet devastating) mistakes.

    Edit: It actually looks like fusarium wilt. Anyone know what causes this?
  2. Edit: Double post, sorry.
  3. Hi mate, check my grow journal for pics of a slightly rootbound plant, i transplanted them about a week ago. You should be able to tell if it's rootbound. Do you have roots growing out the drainage holes? If you do and these are dying you have a problem and must transplant.
  4. Thanks man... checked it and that's not the case. Maybe it's just not that bad yet?
    I did a little more research last night and what's happening looks JUST like fusarium wilt. I'm hoping that isn't the case because from what i read... That would mean my 4 babies are good as dead. :(
  5. Yup. Not much that you can do other than being more hygenic next time. You live n learn, it's happened to me once but never again. Since then I am a hygein nazi when it comes to grow rooms, which is weird coz outside the grow room i'm the messiest pig on earth lol. Good luck with it all.
  6. Lol thanks but this isn't a grow room. It's outdoors. I briefly brought them in the garage for a couple weeks under a MH to get a 2 or so week jumpstart on flowering (they're in buckets) and took them back out as soon as i saw this happening. Eh, it'll get figured out yet. Peroxide is deffinitly my friend now regardless!
  7. Nobody asked what size of container theyre in lol.
    Fusarium moves from bottom up.

  8. Seriously? Fuck me sideways. Then that's ruled out. I noticed that to but i think it's cause i know there's a possibility of being root bound :p
    Figure 6 1/2 ft plants (severely stretched due to being grown outdoors and they're heaight based on my short ass) in 5 gallon buckets.
    I haven't ruled out mold, but a the same time it doesn't seem likely. They always got a healthy 'neeming' once a week before they were well into flower.
  9. Well, it sure could be a posibility, since theyre 6.5 ft high.
    Nothin near the drain holes ???

  10. Man, Im losin it...

    Just noticed u said 5 gals way back lol.

  11. Nothing that i saw. And i had someone hold em up so i could get good and under them lol.
    They SEEM to be gettin better in the sun (which puzzles me) ... but i guess only time will tell. I wish i had a pH meter >,<

    Edit: I didn't even remember i said that LOL
  12. I vote for riding this one out, but keeping a watchful eye.

    It could also be "flowering syndrome", as I call it.
    U know, when the colas suck out nutes from the leaves during flower :confused:.

  13. Yeah, i expected to see that, but only out of fan leaves. It's actually taking out of a lot of secondaries.
    While it looks like hell, I also had another buddy of mine that's been growing for 20+ years tell me it's very likely it'll suck ALL the nutes out of tiny secondaries to feed the mains.
    We shall see! I check them daily so at least i know if they're going to flat out die.

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