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Question on reducing and storing everclear tincture

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by Bobbybouche, Sep 10, 2017.

  1. Ok so i only have two questions, the 1st one may be kinda dumb but i went to my local cvs lately to get a couple dropper bottles for my alcohol tictures and i noticed that the droppers inside are plastic! Ive always avoided it like the plague even though ive drank cheap liquor out of plastic.sooooooo how bad could it be to store tincture in that for awhile? I plan on reducing most of the alcohol but itll still be soaking for a long time and i dont want to ingest plasticides or BPA's.....

    My other question is, how much can i reduce my tinctures without getting rid of too much delivery medium (alcohol) ? I know it has to have some ethanol or fat in order for my body to absorb it properly but im not sure how much it needs for max efficiency and id like to reduce it as much as i can for max potency also.... Thanks in advance to anybody who can help me with this!!!!
  2. You will survive long enough with plastic droppers to get some glass ones.
    Amazon has 1 oz blue dropper bottles by the dozen for about $1 apiece.

    Don't worry about reducing the tincture too much.
    Fat and/or alcohol in the medicine are unnecessary, and you can just eat something fatty with it.
    FECO and RSO users remove all the alcohol.
    Personally, I like to remove enough so that 1 oz herb fits into a 1 oz tincture bottle. 15% herb will make tincture with approximate concentration (0.15)*(28,000 mg)/(1200 drops) = 3.5 mg/drop.
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  3. How far you can reduce it depends on the alcohol you're using. If you have 190 proof then you can reduce it however far you want, all the way to cannabis oil but if you have 151 or less then you'll have a few issues. If you want to reduce it very much then you'll have to reduce it to oil because it will separate into layers.

    The further you reduce it the less bioavailable it will be so you need to use your best judgement. The cannabis oil itself as a concentrate will work but it will take it longer and it may not all be absorbed before it's eliminated out the other end. That's why other carriers are used to ensure you're getting as much absorbed as possible, alcohol or a lipid like coconut oil. Both make it easier to absorb.

    Keep in mind that the stronger it is the faster it will raise your tolerance. I think it's best to start at a moderate level that works well for you then you'll have room for expansion as your tolerance builds. Unless you've got lots of resources then it's not going to matter. :)
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  4. With enough resources you don't have that old high tolerance issue. The hash oil and RSO I make both have an accumulation in the body and you just don't come down any longer. If I keep gobbling them down eventually I have to back off as I'm so fucked up I can't talk or walk a straight line any longer and the wife is all up in my face with WHY !! do you need to be so whacked ?
    About 5 years now since I've been completely sober :) This last month I've come closest as spring harvest was small and summer is just coming into it's own so I've rationed my supplies like I usually don't have to.
    That will end this week as I have 5 early finishing Indica plants ready for harvest.
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  5. One oz in a tiny little dropper bottle, wow! Lol i bet that stuff has to be suuuuuper thick! How many drops do you usually need to get baked?
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  7. Whoops, accidentally write my reply inside that last quote.
  8. Not too thick.
    Potency is 3.5 mg/drop approximately.
    Many FECO makers have reported getting 3 or 4 grams FECO from an oz of bud.
    That easily dissolves in the remaining 27 fluid ounces inside the tincture bottle.

    A drop or two makes a pleasant microdose.
    Much more inside a temporary capsule for a sleep dose.
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  9. I kinda know what you mean about never having to come down lol.at one time i had almost an unlimited amount of resources and for a few months i DIDNT get sober ever.now however im limited to about one and a half oz a month.thankfully im able to get by on a gram a day most of the time, and with a 2 day T-break once a month the tolerance monster usually stays at bay.im about to run an experiment to see how i can stretch it even farther.im going to convert 7 grams into tincture and use nothing else for about a week, then im going to vape 7 grams for about a week and wont use any tincture. Whichever one last the longest without running out will tell me which delivery method is most efficient.
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  10. Those droppers are food grade and shouldn't leach. They're designed for medications and tinctures so don't worry about it. In some cases those plastic droppers are better than the glass such as with honey or other syrups and thicker solvents. It should work well.

    You can sample those natural decarb tinctures in another couple of weeks then after the 4 months so that you can get an idea of the changes. It's decarbed enough after 3 months to give good effects but best after 4. :)
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  11. @Bobbyboouche
    IME Alcohol Tincture and smoking-vaping both last 45-90 minutes for me.
    Direct oil transfer gives me a 6-8 hour ride.
    Once I fully converted to edible oil and stopped smoking it I actually found my usage = Needs per month fell by roughly 1/3rd.
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  12. Dude thats amazing! Those are the kind of results i was hoping for. What do you mean by direct oil transfer though?
  13. @Bobbybouche
    5 grams decarbed hash or weed (decarb is 240 F for 40 minutes )
    2.5 teaspoons oil (Coconut is my choice)
    1/2 teaspoon lecithin
    Combine and heat 220 F for 20 minutes
    Just weed-hash, oil and a bit of heat. The stuff hits hard and last a good 6-8 hours.
    I just cranked out about 60 caps today :)
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  14. Thanks brother.ive never had much luck with fats and oils. Strangely alcohol and glycerin are the only carriers ive had success with except for one experience i had with a firecracker i made when i was like 16.i suspect this has been caused by a high tolerance and by not getting my ratios right.this cap recipe looks like a pretty straightforward way to go though. How many caps will the 5 grams usually make and how should i dose?
  15. @Bobbybouche
    30 (0) sized capsules.
    This stuff is as strong as I can make it and not to be taken lightly.
    For first timers I make up a mess of low dose caps with just a few drops of oil in each. Usually 3s.
    Take one and wait 2 hours. If not stoned take another and wait 2 more hours. It's the safe way to find out your personal dose without way overshooting it and being miserable for 6 or 8 hours.
    A full (0) cap holds about 25 drops of mixed hash and oil.
    Keep the mix hot and stir constantly to get an even dispersion of the hash bit in the caps.
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  16. Thanks brass!!! Im literally gonna go try this right now!
  17. Hey man my neighborhood had a power outtage earlier so im actually just now about to get started on this project and i have a couple last min questions before i get started.

    1.i usually decarb my herbs before making oil but would it make for a better decarb if i make the oil 1st and decarb it on the stove with the coconut oil?

    2.will publix brand, refined and non-organic coconut oil be ok for this?

    3.im assuming you only freeze it for a couple hours and then use the same 220f for 20 mins to reheat?

    Thank you in advance! im really excited to try this because im sick of having to medicate multiple times a day.
  18. The best decarb is open air on a cookie sheet in the oven. 240 F for 40 minutes.
    Then blend with oil and heat @ 220 F for 20 minutes.
    Brand of oil really doesn't matter. I've been using LouAnn as it's the most flavorless I've found.
    The freeze is just long enough to fully harden the oil. It helps to beak up the Trichome heads and smooths the material. Multiple freeze and reheats will degrade more THC to lesser compounds and make it a good sleep aid.
    Hallucinating Hash Capsules for Hemp Heads
    My other 2 threads have detailed info on all this as well.
    Hash Master 5000 - Dry Ice Method, Hash Oil Capsules, Everclear Tincture
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  19. Awesome! Thanks again for your time.this has helped me out alot.
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