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    Need some input/reassurance. I had to sub for a urine last Tuesday with a powdered urine. Shipping was supposed to take a day to reach the lab(Thursday). My prospective employer said it was a delay in the transport of my sample...and that they should have an answer Monday. My question is can a tester sit on a urine sample that long? And would it be deemed positive since powdered urine has an expiration after 72 hrs? Im worried.
  2. Or can anyone give me info of experiences using powdered urine? Pass fail scenarios. Any input is greatly appreciated
  3. After 72 hours a sample composed of powdered urine and water turns to a jello like consistency. Thats the reason for the expiration date on the package.

    Your pee pee is gonna be a puddin pop, fam.
  4. That mustve been why they sat on it over the weekend. Well guess I'll be keepin my old job....but aren't they supposed to test it within a certain time frame after receiving?
  5. I have no idea what the process is for pre-employment drug testing I just know everything there is to know about piss. Synthetic or otherwise.
  6. Damn so I should've went with something else. What do you recommend if they ask for a retest.
  7. A shift in priorities
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  8. Cmon dude thats the obvious. If nothing else works then thats suffice to say. Just trying to get input
  9. I passed with the powdered f*uck all that jello puddin pop noise. Even after mixing its real piss regardless of being mixed after 72 hours. It works if you prepare it correctly before going in....get the real powdered urine you can't go wrong.
  10. Says the powdered urine salesman.

    This whole thread is just a marketing scheme orchestrated by big piss. Wake up people.
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