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Discussion in 'General' started by Retroshark, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. i figured this could go in here, since i only really care to hear what people with experience have to say. so i got sick from my friends girl a few days ago (no, not like that you sickos!) but what happened was, she had a cold or some virus, and we shared a few bongs. now im sick, and ive been taking dayquil for 2 days now. took 2 at 8am, 2 at 12 and now im due to take more, but its really not helping. i can deal with a runny nose and shit, but man my throat fuckin kills me. ive stopped smoking cigs and ive gone way light on the weed. ill probably stick to my vape if i even smoke at all, but its not my lungs, just my throat thats sore. so, my question is, i have about 2 vicodin pills left. they contain acetaminophen (500mg per pill) as do the dayquils (325mg per cap)

    so, my question is, would it be safe to consumer 1.5 vicodin pills with 500mg of acetaminophen in each, instead of the dayquil id be taking anyway. the ammount of acetaminophen in the maybe 2 or 4 dayquils id have yet to take today is more than whats in that vicodin, so i should be safe right?

    if i take the vidocin, i wont take any more dayquil til tomorow, i just think the vicodin may help my pain a little better than the dayquil is.
  2. Take the Vicodin you feel alot better
  3. If you keep acet. intake under 4-5g(4,000 to 5,000mg) you should be fine. I've read that average lethal dose is around 7g for average males.

    I'd take both pills since they are only 5mg a piece, the choice is yours though.

    Feel better.
  4. Get some Sucrets, the ones that have menthol in em - they usually numb your mouth and throat pretty well. And I'd take the 2 vics seperately if your throat is hurting real bad so that you can not be in pain as long.

    Those are the kind I get, they numb your throat down pretty well.
  5. i hate those numbing candies, but i may need em. i still havent taken thje vics. i took another round of dayquil at 4.30 and passed the fck out.

    im sick as fuck right now, but im def popping those vics now, my friend is commin over and shes gonna smoke me up, and there aint nothin like being high on some vics and smokin a bowl, i always feel crazy after i do that. idk, l,ast time i took vics and smoked before bed, i was feeling so crazy when i lay down, its like i was floating out my body, in the best possible way.

    aight, i think im done for the night. im gonna get to this.

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