Question On Mylar?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Minty Freshness, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. I Want To Get Mylar For The Walls Of My Grow Room But I Have Never Used It Does It Have A Sticky Side Or Does It Need To Be Taped Up
    And Also Can I Get Mylar At Home Depot Of Should I Go To A Hydroponic Store
  2. well dude theres no sticky side to mylar.. but i definetly recomend using it! just tape it up or staple it to the walls, works great! Home depot doesnt sell it, go to hydro store! also give black and white poly a try, it works amazing too.
  3. Just paint the walls flat white MYLAR is only more reflective than flat white if its hung perfect meaning no wrinkles and its clean. If you decide to go with mylar you will see its a real pain to work with and it will only be a grow or two before it needs changed because cleaning it is next to impossable...good luck choke with ya later...
  4. i'd recomend going to your local hydroponics store and ask if they sell black and white poly, it works great. One side has white reflective material for the plants and the other side is black which keeps light out and seals everything air tight. you can also use it to make doors, its great stuff dude.. check it out! ( its about the same price as mylar anyways )

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