question on my yeild...

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by noobgrower1, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. im growing 3 forbidden fruit plants at a time what is my final yeild going to look like with 3 plants at a time???? assumeing they are mature and growen right???
  2. Its far too difficult to give yield estimations without more details.
  3. You haven't given us enough info.... Lighting, furts, soil type or is it hydro. So many variables, from what I've read here, you should get .5 grams per watt of light good starting point refferance.

  4. well like other said you haven't given any details, except one...your a new grower. Yes people say shoot for .5grams per watt of light...but thats not necessarily what you'll end up with. Being your a new grower, you should focus on learning the "how too's" of growing rather than worry about the final harvest weight. The exp. of the grow and learning from it should be your main goal, the harvest is a second. Too many new growers get hung up on what they will yield for the first grows and tend to over look issue's that arise.

    Growing herb is not for the impatient...Enjoy your grow and learn from it, or you'll most certainly be posting more threads like "Whats wrong with my plants".

    Good luck on the grow,
  5. ok thanks ill look into growing more then yield for now... ill come back with more info when it comes close to harvest.. thanks...

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