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question on moistened bud

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by firehouse, Mar 26, 2009.

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    Is it legit for a guy to front me 2 o's that might or might not be a little moldy (smokes fine), have it measure out to only 47-48g after I aerated it to deal with the possible mold, and then tell me that all the missing weight was moisture? And that I should re-wet it if I plan on moving it? He had other jars of it get the fuzz of death. I'm thinking no, but there's not a whole lot I can do. I'm kind of bummed.
  2. I wouldn't have knowingly bought moldy bud, myself.
  3. did it weigh out before ? maybe it was moisture mold doesnt weigh much //
  4. Well it's pretty borderline. I went through that whole moldy weed sticky and it didn't look as explicit as that. And I rolled a small J of it to try it out and it smelled and tasted just fine.

    The guy I got it from didn't have a lot of time, so we met in a train station bathroom to do the exchange. Didn't get to see it weighed in front of me. That's probably the biggest problem.

    I'm not saying that the mold affected the weight. I'm just wondering whether the numbers make sense, since I've never dealt with a big enough chunk of herb to care about it before. We're talking $130 more or less just disappearing.
  5. don't smoke it.

    props to NJtoker187 and trikky of course
  6. Dumping $600-700+ street value worth of ganj on a suspicion is kind of a big step. Why don't I take some macro photos..
  7. pictures man
  8. what do you mean "might or might not be moldy"? Does it have white fuzzy stuff on it anywhere?

    and bud loses weight when it goes wet to dry. Fresh harvested bud loses i believe 70% of its weight once its dried

    for instance i harvested my plant with 65 wet grams which will end up bein about 20 dry grams
  9. Your missing just under 10grams man.. there is no fucking way it could of lost that much weight because it dried.
  10. its quite possible actually. depends on how moist the bud was
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    Yeah so I took some macro shots and I'm a bit bummed. I also pulled a lot of the nugs apart and found something pretty nasty in one of them. I think I'm going to send these to my guy and try to get his price down. Cause no way in hell am I letting anyone smoke some of this, if any at all.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

  12. Yah that shit looks pretty moldy man.
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    Thanks for the advice so far :)

    I'm seeing what looks like some whitish stuff on most of the pictures, some blue/purple in the bottom left corner of the top right photo, and some shiny black stuff in the second photo from the top right.

    I know people have asked if smoking mold is really that bad, and gotten answers ranging from "don't fucking touch it" to "lol no big deal". I Purell'ed the shit out of my hands, my camera, my desk lamp, and my desk just to be safe. A couple people have smoked it since I started giving out small amounts of it (of course warning them about possible mold), and the reports have all been good, no weird smells/tastes/experiences.

    Personally, I'm still thinking about where to go from here, especially because of the financial situation- owing this guy money for the stuff he fronted me. I guess I've learned my lesson about checking stuff out before committing.
  14. hmm,
    I think you can still make qwiso hash out of it if all else fails.

    good stuff too :smoking:
  15. I would if this was all for me and I had a bunch of stem lying around.. Seems really easy
  16. you gotta tell ur guy that there's mold all over ur bud and you can't sell it. Its definately dangerous to smoke mold. You're not gonna die immediately, but it can fuck you up. I'd talk to him. Tell him he fronted you moldy bud that you can't sell and give it back. I'd have nothing to do with that, if i were you. What if someone smokes it and does end up getting sick as fuck from it you know?

  17. I just came from your repost of the photos in my mold thread.

    Thats a huge infestation, like really alot of mold. I would not smoke it.

    Also tell your dealer or his grower to store/dry their shit properly! Thats quite an infestation.

    About the part I put in bold- even I cant always taste mold on the smoke, it really doesnt change the way the bud smokes very much, and the bud will still get you high. But the danger with mold is long term damaging of your lungs, that can seriously lead to lung disease later on, it will definately raise your risk of bronchitis and related illnesses.

    The most people have reported about immediate effects of mold is some soreness in the throat/lungs.

    Equate it to smoking cigarettes- yeah you wont die or get sick if you smoke a few, but long term its cutting down your life expectancy.
  18. i wouldnt try to sell that shit man. mold on weed fucks with your lungs bad. so unless you want pissed off customers i wouldn't. plus i don;t see how the hell you would wet the weed again. no wonder that shit is moldy
  19. Damn you should definitely give that back and say you can't do it..
  20. i put orange peels in my bud, and it got moldy..... it got really moist and good for the first few days, but after about a week, and i told the orange peels after about 2 days, the green is starting to look a little white..

    im in a financial bind here as well, cause, i dont wanna just throw my last few buds of the week............ i will be out for a while

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