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Question on making ISO hash

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TheMightyKush, May 26, 2010.

  1. ok ive saved a camel snus tin full of stems and was going to make some iso out of it, this is my first ttime making iso so i dont wanna risk and of my herb. How much can i expect to yield from this? (yes i know it will be minimal with stems) and is there anyway i can have it evaporated to smoke tonight without an oven/hotplate? im new to the iso scene so all help is appreciated
  2. I get about a gram from about an 1/8th of stems,some shake and the smaller leaves but I do two runs one is a quick wash and the second gets the most of the remains.

    I leave my runs to dry outside or with a fan for an hour and if it is wet or I smell solvent then I leave it or put the plate on the stove on the lowest heat for a few mins(keep an eye on it)

    some say 24 hours to dry but TBH if its a small batch and you're using 99% iso then it's ready once it's dry.
  3. Just crush it a litle, throw it in a jar. ad 91 or 99% iso, shake for 30 seconds, pour it on a plate, a fan will help.

    Second wash, IDK about stems usually add a few grams of old swag and dank stems ( or just say f it and burn a Qp of dank into hash oil (BHO) ).:smoke::cool:

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