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Discussion in 'General' started by Bobbybouche, Jul 30, 2017.

  1. Whats up ive been battling the stoners greatest nemesis lately.thats right, im talking about the evil that is known as a "tolerance".i got some killer ideas from these forums on how to do it without quitting and so far the best piece of advice ive found other than simply smoking less per session, is to cut out one sesh everyday.most people seem to agree that dropping the wake 'n bake and waiting till the afternoon has a significant impact on your tolerance level.what i want to know there any scientific reason why it may Not work as well if you cut out the afternoon session instead? Everybody knows you get higher in the morning but nobody is sure why.i think id rather keep my wake n bake and just get rid of my mid day session.what are your thoughts?
  2. it won't work as well because you will think about it the rest of the day
  3. switch from 100 % sativa to 100% indica THEN on the 3rd day a that the neurotransmitters that get (numb) high won't get used to same cannabanoid and won't build a tolerance....

    variation of what your smoking is the key


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  4. @GhostfacePurps great info man... that is the best way is to just rotate one thousand strains!!! never run out of different active profiles @ your pleasure
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  5. @Bobbybouche
    Screw that. You just need better meds and you never have to sober up at all EVER !! Honest I've not had a really sober day in years now. If I want to trip hard I can sure as hell do it and have the wife all up in my face yelling ( Why do you take so much of that stuff that your stupid on it). Hmm cause I LIKE IT !!! Dear !!.
    Mine is medical now far more then recreation but I'll always like the stone side of the drug to be honest.
    Edible hash coconut oil has a cumulative effect and over time builds up in your system to the point your continuously high. No comedown needed at all. If I get sober I'm in agony so who want's that ?
    Not ME !! Fuck a bunch a pain.
    Hand filled 90 at a time.
    So do you need a tolerance break ?? Absofuckinglutly NO !! Never !!
    10,000 of them made and taken and I've got 20,000 empty caps on hand :)
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  6. this thread just became colossal! a thousand strains and @BrassNwood @ around 20, 000 I think you will be all set :love-m3j:
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  7. LMAO I've had to ration my ultra high strength hash based caps until I can run off the last of the spring harvest into more dry ice hash. Got about 2 pounds of cured bud left I need to run through the hashmaster 5000.
    Been getting by on the lesser strength Ethanol wash Tincture to RSO caps I make for cancer patents. It's just not up to the strength I need for my issue. 4 or more at once will give you the runs so they have a limit the dry ice versions don't.
    I have my own tolerance issues but they are not enough to bring about a royal pain event if I'm careful in my motions through the day.
    All the slice and dice work they did to my insides in 2011 limits how many times I can get up and down per day without trigging the pain. Really sucks because I'm an outdoor guy and did construction and worked on my own classic cars and that's all but impossible for me now. if I get down on my hands and knees or just squat down once to many times in the day I'll pay out my ass in pain for the next 4 hours or so.
    Bhaa I didn't mean to babble on like this but I take a few caps and get lost in the texture of the keys on the computers and the colors....... MY GOD THE COLORS !!!!!!11111111111111 where was I ??

    This was on so it's easy to get spaced in what your doing.
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  8. Keep a journal of your productivity and you will see your temperance to being bored will diminish. It truly only takes two solid puffs and inhaled to deeply feel the effects of dispersed smoke in the bloodstream. Cardiovascular training and even musical meditation can extend the value of your stash. Best of luck in your moderation work blade!
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  9. Detox pills
  10. Ahhh if only i lived in a place where i had acess to multiple strains!!! Thatd be a great way to go...
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  11. Lmao nice man.its great to get a reply from yet another of gc's most famous.and those caps sound amazing btw.... But ive noticed no matter how hard i try,i just cant get coconut oil( or any other fat) to work for me.the one thing that does is ethanol based tinctures and boy do they do the job lol. I make tincs and vape mostly for depression and anxiety but i too enjoy the recreational effects especially when compared to alcohol. So if im reading you right...your saying that with extracts like Hash caps i can just overide my tolerance? Wouldnt that just boost my tolerance? I am on a limited supply of materials.
  12. @Bobbybouche
    Actually I found I was using a bit less once I changed to a total oil medication method. I grow so it's never really been an issue to grow enough but I was having weed backing up on me and realized the coconut oil was a way more efficient way of getting the levels I needed.
    The oil lasts so much longer per dose that it's by far the most cost efficient. I'd keep trying to make and take it just my 2 cents as once you get it down you won't look at anything else quite the same way again.
    I make tincture as well but reduce most to RSO
    Hash Master 5000 - Dry Ice Method, Hash Oil Capsules, Everclear Tincture
    Hallucinating Hash Capsules for Hemp Heads
    My two sub threads have some basic oil and tincture stuff.
    Here is a down and dirty but fast one
    Decarb 1 fat bud (240 F for 40 minutes) Can skip but it'll be weak
    Crumble to dust
    Place in shot glass with just enough oil to make mud-sludge. Coconut oil is my choice.
    Microwave till warm
    Mash and stir
    Heat more till almost hot
    Mash more, stir more
    Heat till hot
    Let cool and consume, I just put the teaspoon of goo in my mouth and let it kinda dissolve away slowly.
    Wait 2 hours and tell me how it did.
    :) My own first attempt was just that and I was a happy smiling stoned as fuck boy just 90 minutes later.
    Had a nasty throat infection and couldn't smoke and I virtually live on cannabis for a medical condition.
    That really was the turning point to a pure oil lifestyle and I hung up my smoking equipment for good.
  13. Just cut down thats the best way or don't smoke for a month or so and you tolerance will drop mad levels..
  14. Just try to put it off for a few hours if you can. If you wake n bake every day and switch to having your first smoke in the evening you will definitely notice the difference. Even 2-3 days of no smoke you'll get super baked off a bowl but your tolerance will get back to where it was pretty quick. The first sesh of the day will always be the strongest and for many of us that is the morning. I know a guy that did what he called a 4/20 cycle. 4 days off, 20 days on. But no method will be better than cutting down/taking the dreaded TB for a little. Taking one myself and not exactly loving it, almost 2 weeks deep. The human body is incredibly adaptive and will adapt to the conditions it's under. Including the amount of meds you're taking, the amount of sun you're getting, excersize, eating, running, etc. it's remarkable really. A high tolerance is just your body adapted and is ready to take in these THC levels.

    In a nutshell, your two options are to either increase, or decrease. Your tolerance will follow either one that you chose.
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  15. gonna have to give fats and oils another chance even though my ethanol tincs last forever too.last time i made it i took 2 droppers around midnight, passed out around 4 , and was still baked when i woke up at 2 in the afternoon the next not doubting that oil is much more efficient wether made with coconut oil or ethanol, edibles are simply stronger.however, since i dont grow my own i now have to figure out if i can make the same amount last longer if i turn it to edible...or if itll run out just as fast...
  16. Very true.the human body is a complicated piece of equipment, and its capable of some incredible things.i just wish it would leave my precious Cannabinoid receptors alone lol! I have been skipping wake n bake for 2 days now and i can tell a difference for sure.i wanted to see if i could get that back and swap for my mid day sesh...but yeah ts been has vaping less each session.
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  17. @Bobbybouche
    High Proof Ethanol extraction is a great way to get about as much off the material as can be done short of some very expensive equipment. If you get that kind of long lasting effects from it who am I to argue with obvious success. I get a much more smoke-toke like short steep fast wear off from tinctures. Good for immediate relief but lacks the staying power I get from oil.
    Hey it might be your personal sweet spot. I've got friends who like the far weaker RSO I make better then the pure hash oil I use. Many find mine to be to sativa in effects and keeping them cranked and not even about to nod off.
    The whole extract alcohol tincture reduced to RSO I find to be a more laid back sleeper grade but hey to each what works best.
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  18. It DOES seem to be a bit of a "coughing, weezing, putting your ass to sleep quick!" Night time experimenting with different decarbs to see if i can change that.i always do psychadelic sams 240 for 40 min decarb and it makes the most thorough decarb by far, but i recently made a batch out of avb that i didnt decarb further.ill let you guys know how that goes.also, im definetly gonna try your single serving sludge thing lol. I'll report back on that as well.thanks man!
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  19. just take a one week tolerance break its boring and ill admit its hard but its so worth it cuz you get high as fuck after it

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  20. Well guys, bit of an update...i spent the past couple weeks cutting out either my morning or my mid day sesh, ive been waiting until each sesh wears off completely before smoking again, and ive even spent a couple days just smoking baby hits to get by, and its been working wonders.thing is, people make the tolerance battle sooo much more complicated than it needs to really is as simple as just SMOKE LESS. Smoke less each session.cut down one session a all adds up to a lower tolerance.ive been sticking to the less is more rule and its awesome. The baby hits method is especially effective because it kills the urge to smoke without raising part is you only have to do it for a few days and your good to go! Anyways, cheers!

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