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  1. I'm in a 40x40 and I don't pull my air through my 400w light so depending on your size space it may not be necessary. You could always get a 6x4 reducer fitting if need be.

    That being said I AM using a 6" fan which may be why my tent stays so cool without running duct to my light.

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  2. I'm so confused by ventilation. So say I put a couple 6 inch fans blowing around in my tent and then just have the intake fan sucking air out I should be fine right? Also I'm using autoflowering seeds if that matters
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  3. You can get this active air fan for not much more and it's the right size with a 5 year warranty. I just got two and they're awesome and quiet for inline fans. That light is the 400 watt version of the 600's i use and with one 600 and five plants i pulled 381 grams in a 4 foot square. They work well, still working on second grow and haven't even lost a bulb yet.
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  4. It's 2 separate issues really. I have a 6" desk fan blowing across my canopy at all times. Next grow I'll be adding a lower one for when the canopy is super thick. These fans:
    Simulate natural breeze.
    Remove standing moisture.
    Strengthen stems.
    Discourage pests.
    Circulate existing air.
    Then I have my 6" exhaust fan run high in my tent. I do not use an intake duct. The exhaust fan pulls cool air from outside the tent though built-in lower flaps. That cool air comes in low, up around my light (not through) and out the top. The exhaust duct is run into my basement far from the tent.

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  5. Mine is very similar to this and very quiet as well. The bottom line is that if you don't already have a4" fan, get the 6" and get an adjustable speed controller for it.

    You'll be happier with the results.

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  6. I use a common method, intakes are passive and on the bottom. Exhaust is pulled through a filter at the top of the tent where the hot air is sucking it out and the intakes are on the bottom letting cool air in. You need to be able to cycle toe air in the tent at least once per minute, twice if you have bendy air ducts as they slow the air down. The fans inside the tent are to strengthen the plants, it's natural for there to be wind and it really makes for stronger branches. Regardless of the heat from the light you need ventilation to keep fresh air around for the plants.
  7. So I will get the 6" fan then but how do get fresh air into the tent?
  8. O.K. here's the top of my tent, the carbon filter leads to the light then to the fan and out, the air just comes in by itself through the flaps that open in the bottom of the tent. If you don't use a carbon filter you just suck the air out of the tent, it comes in all on it's own. I vent it out of the room but into the house.[​IMG]
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  9. You'll want a variable speed controller for the 6" inline too like mook said, active air makes a cheap on that's like 8 bucks or something that works fine. That's a 400 cfm fan and my tent's only about 100 cf so i run it at about 60% because of the bends in my ducting.
  10. Here's the intakes for the cool air, This was before i had my tent ready[​IMG] .

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