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question on laws

Discussion in 'General' started by dezzy533, May 21, 2003.

  1. My friend was telling me that if you have any amount of weed on you and you get pulled over then they find it and bags that the bags are considered selling the kid said even if you just have a quarter or an eighth in your pocket and the bags are in the back you still get in trouble. Then he was trying to tell me that if the weed is Nugs you get in more trouble. this is in america to
  2. hehe... and they say stoners have bad grammar! lol.

    i'm still waithing for the question mark :p
  3. wow.... thats weird.... i dunno.... if that it true, then our laws are pretty fucked up!

  4. i never new this was english class.
  5. This is america, they got a law to cover everything, so they can pretty much pull anyone over for anything and charge 'em with anything if they really want so i wouldn't doubt it. I've heard that also if you have any baggies on you with weed it's considered paraphenalia.

    In some states it's even illegal to get a blowjob, and we live in the land of the free?

    Yep, okay

  6. First of all, it's knew. Second, you still never asked a question. You had 3 declarative sentences of which one was a run on sentence. Have a nice day.
  7. Who gives a fuck wang. You can still understand him and that all that matters online.

  8. First of all, all y'all ain' b knowin shizzle 'bout tha grammar on tha propa word yo!

    Secondly, Canada is a country full of Fascist dwarves who live in igloos and spend spare time sharpening ice skate blades in which to use as weapons against us capitalist pigs.

    J/K! Canada seems pretty rad, and I wanna come up there and hang with ya n shizz, and although dezzy don't have tha grammar on lockdown, how many of us do? Although i will say that a question mark woulda been nice to see, and as far as 'I' being caitlaized in a sentence, that is also incorrect. The letter 'I' is only capitalized when referring to the first person, namely, you, whoever you are.

    yeah, legal weed may be a long way off in the country where the almighty dollar is god, but how 'bout a legal blowjob? Maybe sometime in my lifetime would be nice.

  9. So Dezzy doesn't use punctuation, and Digit can't spell.....who gives a shit?

    Just don't be traveling with your weed.Then you won't have to worry about it.

  10. Fascist Dwarf! Come down here and try to cut my throat with an iceskate and see what happens! hahahahhahahahhah!!!!!

    hey told, speaking of iceskates, do you guys ever do any aggressive iceskating? I think that would be pretty rad, if you put some stuff like handrails n boxes made of ice up and did some aggressive iceskating, or maybe put iceskate blades in place of skateboard wheels and go tear it up. I always wanted totry that but i need to go somewhere cold enoug to freeze water, there's not much iceskatin' in tha desert.


  11. I hope you can see where he referred to himself in the 3rd person. I usually don't care about capitalization, but using the right word is important. It's not hard to check the 7 words you're about to post to make sure you're using the right words.

  12. wtf do you mean... do you ever listen to my arguments?
    i'm totally with you on that one... always have been.
    canada is one of the most progressive (and thus favourite) nations in the world... despite the facist dwarves. lol btw, where the hell did facist dwarves come from? that must be some good shit toosicks got ;)

    i love this place. :D
  13. Canada was pretty awesome when I went there, people were all real nice. .But one thing that really really got to me was why in the hell did ya'll have bright fucking red cheeks?
  14. that happens with the cold.

    same thing happens here in orkney.
    they blood vessels in the face go a bit bizzarro.
  15. Oh my fuckin god i never new you people cared so much about punctuation and grammer so just because you guys care so much im going to right in a long run on sentence just to annoy the few people that are annoyed by it so have a good day
  16. ...and you wonder why no one has answered your "question."
  17. I touched on his question, if you have weed divided into bags, hell yeah they'll get you for intent to distribute. Don't travel with your weed.
  18. Anything over 7 grams in california used to be intent to sell, I dont know what it is now because this was a year or two ago.
  19. I heard that if you have a bag of pot anywhere in the car, and you have an empty bag somewhere else in the car, they can still charge you for intent to distribute. Check out to get a better idea of your state laws.

  20. lol, goooood stuff. eventhough i can barely understand andy of it, WHOS ANDY? was the question or should I say statement ever responded to? andhowabouthisforgrammarithinkicanspellprettygoodsoyouallshouldbeokayreadingthisanywayfromwhatIknowithastobeacertainamountforittobeconsidereddealingotherwiseyoucangetbustedforDUIorDWIifdrivingforbasicpossessionunderthelimitofhavingenoughtoconvictyouofdealingeitherwayimnot100%sureofthelimitwhatisconsidereddealinggoodluckperiod

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