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  1. I put about 5 seeds into a cup of water and tried that method out. It took about 24 hours for them to sink and then i left them in the water for about 3 days after they had sunk, 4 days total. By this time a small taproot was showing, but nothing too big. Next i made a mixture of about 20% perlite and 80% cheap scotts potting soil. I planted the seeds about 1 inch down in the soil. Covered with dry soil and dropped a few drops of water on top of the dry soil. I planted on monday and no signs of any seedlings popping up, should i be concerned? How long does a seedling normally take to break the surface after the cup of water method?
  2. Give it time, it might take a few more days before you see the first leaves break the surface. Just make sure the soil is moist, not wet, not dry. :smoking:
  3. Ok, thanks. I just hope that I didn't spend a bunch of money on lights, soil, ect to have them not even pop out of the soil. I did the same thing a couple of weeks ago but instead of solo cups i put the germinated seeds in jiffy pellets and they never came up.
  4. You have to be REALLY careful with exposed tap roots. I find the "just put it in the soil" method to be easier for a beginner as any little damage to that fragile root can stunt or kill the plant.

    Best case scenario the plants are stunted. Worst case, dead. Nothing you can really do at this point but hope and pray. Next time try just putting them in soil/media.

    I've tried so many methods, and nothing has worked as well as just planting them and waiting.

    The picture is of 5 Nirvana Blue Mystic and 5 GreenHouse Seeds Lemon Skunk, with 2 DNA freebies. Picture was taken 78 hours after placing them in the coco. Expanded coco with RO water, Botanicare Cal-Mag plus and Liquid Karma, Canna Coco A and B and Canna Rhizotonic. Balanced pH at 5.5. 12 for 12, one plant took another 2 days to crack.

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