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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by TheHempMan, Oct 15, 2003.

  1. does aluminum foil back drops cause dead spots if so what should i use because i had two flouro lights on my plants at the same time and the tips started to burn so is it the lights or the foil?
  2. Back drops reflect the light and heat that hit them. Al foil is OK for this but it is not consistent when reflecting energy. It may concnetrate the reflected energy to certain points on a plant. But this type of problem is usually seen with mirrors rather than foil or mylar.

    And the burn points will be wherever on the plants that the energy is directed at, not just at the tips.

    If you have tips burning, it is more than likely overfertilizing or excess heat build-up.

    What color does the burned tips look like, what are you feeding your plants, and how close is your plant to the light?
  3. im using two i think 75 watt flouro lights there like 1/2 a foot away from the plants. i was using miricle grow plant food but stoped when leaves tips started to burn. the plants are only babys still there about 2 inches tall my grow box is a 1 ft wide and 3 ft tall.
  4. wate there those lights were i guess they give off 75 watt and only use 20 watts.
  5. Miracle gro is burning your plants up. don't use any ferts till your plants are well established.
  6. Yes, don't use Miracle Grow until the plants are 25 days old.
  7. I say hold off on the fert until the third set of leaves is there!

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