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Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by LetGo, Nov 5, 2014.

  1. Been growing on/off for the last 2 years, getting better everytime i grow,  But I know this is an opinion question and some will answer NEVER and some will provide opinion.   When do you choose to pull off bud shoots to avoid popcorn bud?  Those small shoots that wont provide much.  During which week of flower/ or before light switch?
    Tired of trimming crap bud and never made really good butter so I try and avoid it. And what size of shoots do you allow?
    Growing in 2 gallon hempies, mixed variety.  Some perlite bottom w/ 100% coco past res.  Some with hydroton/coco past res.   Some pure hydroton.  All plants except 1 above 12 inches when switched to flower.  Great growth..
    Opinions welcomed.
    Thanks, LetGo

  2. Well;  This is not really a hydro question.  It should be in another forum.
    However;  I suggest you do all the pruning you want ti do, before switching photo periods.  Peace

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