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Question on Fat Blunts.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Miller Milano, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. i love fat blunts. i love rolling them (i ain't half bad), smoking them, looking at them and all that, probably my favorite way to smoke (tie between glass on glass bongs) and i got so ridiculously high off of fat blunts it's crazy but! i have had some friends and other people tell me that a skinny blunt is just as good if not better than a fatty(supposedly they say that fat blunts are just a waste compared to normal size). i like normal blunts too, but if i could afford it, im rolling a fatty. it's just my preferance. could someone please shine a light on the situation.:confused:
  2. I love fat blunts too man but the fact is there's constantly more weed burning and more smoke being wasted on fattys because the cherry is much larger. doesnt stop me from rollin fattys haha it's not a huge waste of smoke anyway
  3. good point. i think it's just the taste or the feel or...something....speaking of the herb. i gotta make a phone call lol
  4. why do your friends complain when you are rolling a fat blunt any way? the fatter the better
  5. I agree that they're kind of a waste. Like others have said, the fatter the blunt, the more of your weed gets smoked by the wind when you're not hitting it. I know it feels badass to be hitting a fat blunt, but a skinny blunt gets me high just fine. Overall i'd just rather have 2 skinny blunts than one fat one.
  6. a fatty is pretty cool once in a while, but i mean, on the regular, if you're gona get 4-5+ grams for a fatty, why not roll 4-5+ regular blunts? sounds just as epic
  7. This is posted in the wrong place, but 5 one gram blunts are just as good as 1 five gram blunt if not better. Its a personal choice though

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