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  1. Hi all, quick question on electricity/watts/amps. I have 4 600w lights, a 12" vortex fan and a few other low wattage items. I want everything in one room but Im sure that all the items listed above will overload a 20 amp circuit. How can I consolodate everything into one room without burning down the house? My options are a little bit limited as I do not own the house and can only have so much wiring done on the inside.

    Anybody else run into this problem or can suggest a solution?

    Any/all commensts are greatly appreciated!
  2. Prolly wont overload it just plug it all in and try worst comes to worst you flip the breaker back
  3. I wouldn't use this on a residential setup. It doesn't reduce or change the load on the electrical wire, probably something like 12 gauge or smaller. Most homes are 15 amps, if you have a 20amp breaker you WILL NOT be able to safely run 4x600 + fans. I'm sorry, but you'll eventually burn the place down. That wire may work for a while, but the insulation will slowly become brittle., fail, and at worse ignite.

    Either cut your amps, or wire up for 240v.

  4. how about running an extension cord from another room and plug half your shit into a surge protector attached to the cord. ..........

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