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Question on eating tasty bud

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by chidballs, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. Hey Grasscity, this is my first post ever. whats up?

    So basically me and a friend have decided to get high while at school, and after a stroke of genius it became apparent that it would be much easier to bring along some space cakes or firecrackers and hide em in my bag and eat em up at lunch, However, I was wondering if the THC in my cooking will wear off if I do not eat it immediately..

    TL;DR: Does THC wear off from cannabis based foods if not consumed immediately after cooking?
  2. No it keeps for a long time. Not sure about firecrackers but for every baked good I've ever made it keeps as long as the baked good itself keeps.
  3. Oh okay, I was actually leaning more towards the firecrackers as it seems to be just a little easier to make then going through the whole cannabutter process..

    Anyone know how long THC keeps in firecrackers?
  4. It should keep just as well, it's just they are messy to carry around and any of that peanut butter you lose to packaging/moving them around it THC lost :)

    Real baked goods are SO much better than firecrackers, on SO many levels.
  5. Yeah but it's alot of trouble going through the whole lengthy process of them livn with the rents.

    also how long does it usually take to peak when eating bud?
  6. It depends on the person, if you have an empty stomach, etc. Usually the first effects are felt in 30-60 minutes and it peaks in 2-3 hours.
  7. okay thanks for the help man. Stay high. :smoke:

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