Question on dryinthen the drying racks

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  1. Hello

    I cut the plants last Friday. Hanged them to dry and started manicuring them on Sunday morning.
    Since I had a heater and some fans working in the dry room, plants dried pretty quick. I actually had to sprinkle them a bit so they don't crumble.

    I dried the buds for another day after manicuring and placed them in the jar.
    Two days later I pulled them out to check. All of them were still wet when broken in a half with the little stem bending.

    So I placed the buds back to the drying rack. Temp is 75 but humidity going between 0 to 10
    I have all the shelves of the rack full.
    So the question is. Is there a set number of days I should keep them drying or there is a sign I can use to tell when it is the time for them to go back to the jars?

    Thank you

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