question on drying in cardboard box...

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  1. i have holes on the side of the boxes for air flow, but should i have a pc fan on the side of the hole for air flow? or no fan is good enough? i dont wanna dry it out to fast, but then no mold

    with holes on both side without a fan good enough?
  2. Shred some newspaper and make a few layers of bud
    in there. Leave the top off. No fan needed, but it
    wouldnt hurt for circulation.
  3. bump. so does have like indirect light hurt the buds? because im using a box side wys, so the lid is facing me. should i remove that?

    indirect light as in light in my room
  4. Just make sure that u:

    a. Keep them in the dark.
    b. Keep humidity low.
    c. Have good air circulation.
    d. Keep temps even. Mid-sixties is best.

    The budz are good to go when the stems snap easily in your fingers.
    If your patient enough, cure the dried bud for 2 weeks in mason jars.
    Keep the jars sealed and in the dark. Every day, just once, open up
    the jar and let some fresh air in, and the old, humid air out.

    This procedure guarantees u great bud, every time man.
    Hope this helps.
    Let me know how it turns out.
  5. the stem isnt long enough to snap. how else do i know if its dried enough? because the bud was located at the main stem so really no stem. and im harvesting at different sections. cola yesterday, today the buds below it
  6. Youll have to eyeball it.
    And go by touch (not too much).
    Usually a week is good.

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