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Question on dispensary prices.

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by IWubMarijuana, May 28, 2008.

  1. Hey Guys,

    Quick question... just wanted to get an idea of what other Californians are paying locally.

    At the dispensaries I've been going to, I'm seeing a lot of 60-70 dollar eighths. This is kinda annoying, because I could almost just go to a dealer and get a better deal on weed.

    So, I guess I'm looking to see if anyone else in the Southern California area has a dispensary they'd recommend that has some reasonably priced stuff. I mean shit, a $50 eighth would make me happy, and that's still $400 an ounce, which is mind-blowing for someone living in California. (You'd expect an ounce to be like 300......)

    Thanks in advance! :D
  2. Yea man I just got my card about a week ago and the places i've been were over the top,like $75 an eighth.Ill keep looking and if I find a place ill be sure to let you know.
  3. 60 an 1/8 is ok for premium. PREMIUM premium. Stuff that I take one or two small hits of and im baked.

    Hash: anything over 35 a gram is too expensive.
  4. Yeah, I really.. really hate paying more than 60. I've just been grinding away getting those. I'm hoping that somewhere there's a dispensary with lower-than-60-dollar eighths though. :(
  5. When I go to the club that is closest to me I usually pay $250-280 a zip. Premium outdoor shit, always fresh. But when I go down to the bay area I have paid up to $410 for a zip, but that shit is truly one-hitter-quitter and smokes like nothing I have ever smoking before. Oo, Ah, I miss that blue dream.

    You can always find exotic shit down in the bay too. Like full melt hash, weed that been dipped in hash oil, kief-hash-blunts. Crazy ass shit, but expect to pay up to $50 A GRAM.
  6. There are some in Sonoma county Ca. One there A grade is $48.50 but it was garbage. My friend goes to one on Todd road and purple urkle is $45 and aso sayes there are around 25-30 to choose from. I don't know about that though I did smoke some Urkle yesterday.
  7. If you ever travel up to Nor Cal, you can get it for 200 an ounce. I doubt it would be worth it to come up just for bud with the price of gas, but if you're ever passin by Sacramento, you could stock up.
    Check these people out: http://www.frostypurplerx.org/
    The selection is good and --though it is not the best I've had-- is decent.
  8. The only 2 dispensaries I know that have 45$ 1/8ths that are still decent quality would be 2 a.m off of Topanga and CCG.
  9. You guys know my sis has a cannabis card and she buys clones from the dispenaries and grows her own HIGH quality mj.she grows kush and widow =)
  10. idk. I live in Canada.
    But.. 55 for an eigth of something yummy is average I'd say.
  11. man the places down in soCAL are so whack, jus like everything else about the area. i live in santa barbara now but mostly just go to local dealers who will give me 45 dollar 8ths of the same weed that would be 65/8th at a club. the selection is good at most places but dont even think about buyin large amounts of chronic...its jus not worth it.

    clubs up in the bay though.....thats a whole different story
  12. HSC on Ventura has $45 eighths of bomb, and I got some keef for $10 a gram as well. Great place. MMRC also on Ventura has eighths anywhere from $30-$60. To those who say Southern California clubs are whack, you just haven't been to the right places. Gotta find clubs with good prices, and if you're a regular customer many will hook it up.
  13. hmm the clubs in here in hum co. the more expensive prices are for OZ's but for 2 grams of some bomb its only 20$ and for 1/8th its 38$, ive nvr benn disapointed from the club ,but ive herd of other citys not havin that good of bud in there clubs
  14. shit, just head over to orange county. Is that where you live? all my eighths are 50
  15. Prices in clubs are somewhat high due to several factors, the biggest of which is OVERHEAD. Sure you can go to a street dealer and get cheaper 8ths, but you don't know what it is, where it was grown, or what the quality is. Plus street dealers don't pay rent on their businesses, or pay taxes or support the community.

    Oh and prices in clubs are set higher so that asshole patients don't divert meds to non-patients.
  16. ^^ You are right about overhead, but most people on this board know their dealers well enough where the bud is not a problem and it's trustworthy green.
  17. Are you kidding? Have you LOOKED at the crap that gets posted in the Stash Jar and other forums?

    People on this forum, unless they're medical patients, don't know any more about the strains they're getting from dealers than the dealers know.

    The growers I trust know what they're growing.
    The MMJ patients I trust know what they're getting from clubs.

    Everyone else who posts on GC I have no clue about.
  18. the clubs in NORCAL charge way less.
    40 - 50$ an 8th tops.
    55 for og kush hydro
  19. man this post is old as shit. that blue dream is nice though. 75 is for like tip top. Theres 1 place that sells $110 1/8th. Now that's expensive and that is for Skywalker OG and another strain. supposed to be quite amazing.

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