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  1. hey all,,,ive tried looking round the forum as i would rather look up the info rather than appear to be a lazy ass mofo but i cant find that much stuff on clonning,,,

    the reason im doin this is that im just about to put them into flower and not sure of the sex yet,also want more for my next grow

    form what ive read i know the bascis and gone ahead and taken the cutings/clones,i put them into water while i was sorting every thing out and then i put them in clonex rooting gel for a little while and from there into soil,then into a propagator,also spraying with water daily.

    the cutting are nearly 2 weeks old and dont seam to have rooted,is this normal and should i wait a lttle longer,or are they not gonna root now?

    thanks for any advice on this:wave:
  2. just have to wait and see.
  3. HIGH All, some clones take longer to root than others...I took clones (10) for a Buddy oh at least 3 weeks ago and have only 3 with roots. So just give them time and keep the Foliar spaying growing, it helps alot.
  4. thanks both for your advice,

    looks like il just have to wait and see then,:wave:
  5. You cloned without the sex? heh, check the nodes for hair pistils or pollen sacks and you should be able to tell what it is if your about to flower

    and never dip the clones directly into the whole hormone container cause you'll contaminate it, always pour as much as your gonna use into seperate containers

    They normally have strong root systems when they are 2weeks-3weeks old, never transplant when there isnt a strong root system in place

    DO you have humidy domes over them? thats VERY important for keeping them healthy
  6. soil's also not supposed to be the best thing for getting clones to root... people use rockwool or vermiculite or oasis cubes or something similar before putting into soil. I think chances are best in rockwool... you can get them to root in it befor even cutting the branch off the plant.
  7. I wish over grow was still up I got great stuff from there about cloning. Let me see if I can scan in the pics. I'll type up everything in a new thread, so hopfully it can bemore a sticky. Good luck.
  8. yeah i took some clones before i sexed the mother plants as to get a bit of a head start,,ive marked them all up so i know which clone came from which plant,so when i see any males il throw them out and the clones too,

    good point about dipping the clones directly into the container,,didnt think of that,

    i have them in propagators which i presume is the same as a humidy dome,,they are all standing up and looking healthy,,il get some pics and post them soon,,

    thanks for the advice:wave:
  9. il see how they do in soil this time and then maybe next time il give it a go in rockwool,,

    thanks for the advice:wave:
  10. that would be great if you could,,il keep a look out for it,

    cheers :wave:

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