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  1. It appears that the top 1/3 of my plants are budding out nicely. i guess they have another 3-4 weeks to go in flowering but the bottom 2/3 of the plant is rather bare. they are tall plants and do have maybe 100 buds on the tops. Is this normal. The bottom has been getting as much HPS light as the tops. i have fert them with bloomgrow and watering seems to be proper.

    Maybe I am asking for to much but looks like I'll get about 2 OZ of dry bud at this rate unless the buds on top all grow out in that case I'm looking at 4 OZ dry which would be great.
  2. how is the bottom of the plants receiving the same amount of light? you also have lights mounted on the sides of your grow room?

    as for quantity.....don't count your chickens till they've 4 wekks to go you will see a large increase in the amount that's there provided that you're giving them plenty of light!

    what i do is trim some of the upper leaves..(not all)....and it lets light get lower down.....Peace out...Sid
  3. I have lights all over the grow area.

    I have them hung from the ceiling then use chain to string them at differnet heights around the grow area.
    Because I have
    2 - 70 watt
    3 -150 watt HPS I have them set so all the planets have light at all heights ..Its just that they appear skinny. on the bottoms. I will attch some pictures to show you.
    Sorry for the HPS light I will try to get some in whitelight as well.

    The first shot is of a typical top

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  4. Here's another top. On the largeest plant it split into three stalks along the way and each one now has a nice cluster of bud.

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  5. This shot will show the skinnies.
    They have nice leafs and prebuds and I am hopeing they will fill in.
    I figure I have another 3-4 weeks to go and am just keeping up with watering it and adjusting the lighting each day.

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  6. That has got be some of the skinniest plants I have ever seen. You need to try hyrdoponics to get them bushy or get your yield up.
  7. You would believe I got this one sucker better then 6 foot tall. LOL

    If I can get 4 OZ out of the whole bunch of them I will be a happy camper.
    That would last me till the next grow and I can stop complaining about not having any GOOD smoke.
  8. what kind of distance from the plant are the lights?...they have to be quite close to keep the height down and get the buds bigger.....Peace out...Sid
  9. The closest i have the light is 6 inches. the furtherest is maybe 12 inches.
    I use the hand in front of light to measure heat.

    I think maybe it's the intensity issue.

    I have 2- 70 and 3 -150 HPS

    Maybe I am just not hitting them hard enough.
    I can get 400 watt hps more is better. But then would have to mount it something like. 20 inches away..???
    Do the plants want most of the light coming from the ceiling??

    I have the lights setup so all the parts of the plant get about the same...Interesting.....maybe they do want the light from directly above them...or at least maybe I diluted the light 590 watt spread around maybe not the better or equal to 590 coming from above...

    What am I doing wrong...ouch!
    Maybe i should mount the lighting from above and let reflection of mylar take care of the mid and bottoms of the plants.
  10. the wat i do it is to have the light directly aboveit....i use 1 400wHPS and it supresses the height from an early could also consider for your next grow topping and also cutting some leaves to allow light to penetrate the canopy....what size of room are using?....try to make sure that all the light is reaching the plants....Peace out...Sid
  11. Hey man, i was looking at the last pic u posted, where we can see the container, I might just be high here, But arent there 2 stems going into the same container? i see another thing that isnt a stem, but the 2 look like theyre pretty close....
  12. dude how far from the topz were yur lights in veg. ?
    if theyr skinny.. that just meanz theyr stretchin out to reach the light.. or am i blunted ??? no1 knows
  13. The plant split at an early age it lost it's top and spread to three..I guess you could call them tops.
    I had to tie the branches to these sticks to hold them up because they had Shot up in growth.
    I left the sticks there although I could have removed them.
    What you are seeing is the three shoots and a caouple of differnet sticks I bought to support the plant.
    BTW the sticks are about 3 foot long so you can get an idea of the height i got out of it.
    Yesterday I topped the plant and stole the center and longest part cause I needed something to put in a paperbag so I would have somethign to smoke this weekend.

    The grow area is exactly 3 foot X 5 foot and about 8 foot high.
    It's a spare shower I have in my house.

    There is a light in the shower that i was able to string chain from to support the lighting from.

    I will be adding another 400 Watt HPS and just let it shower all the plants with more light for this next flower session.
  14. This morning over my second cup of coffee an idea came to me.
    If you recall all my lighting bulbs are bare no reflectors at all I rely on the mylar around the walls to kick back the light.

    But... the bulbs are stung vertical, wires worked down chain with no reflector's so this morning i took one of the reflectors from one of the light sets and mounted it from the the chain with the bulb in a horizontal postion. It does appear there is much more intensity to the light, in fact I had to back off the distance from the plants under it.
    The relector gives a square pattern and I placed 2 small plants under it.
    One is a semi skinny about 18" tall and the other is about 10" but very bushy ( i'm sure on it's way to being a skinny)
    I'll take a picture of this and we can review it next week to seethe results.

    In conclusion: I think the massive intensity of light comes off the side of the bulbs ( otherwise why would manufauture's mount them that way in fixtures) and this might have been my problem all along.
    Too late for the skinnies..
    Also I ordered another 400 Watts that shouldget here next week, and plan on using that for the flower area and will use the smalller HPS's in the veggy and hermie areas.

    I think I amy be looking for a larger house LOL..
    I have 5500 sq foot now...but if I want to grow more I will have to throw out family members.
    Imagine your dad coming to you and saying "you have to move" cause he needs more grow room.
  15. This is represents how I was hanging the lighting, it's not a before picture cause I still have this one hanging this way.

    The picture following this one will show what I have done to one of the lights.

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  16. Here's what I have done to change things.

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  17. Hey MoW, Can you please explain how you put your HPS/ballast, power cord, etc. together. I want to do the same thing for my next (CFL/HPS) grow. It looks simple but not clear enough in the pic. Danke.
  18. thats more like it!!....i didn't know you didn't have a cover over the bulb.....Peace out...Sid

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