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  1. So im currently at day 27 of flowering. All so far has gone great, many colas , very Frosty, no visible deficiencies, all round has been very good. I'm wondering when bud swelling takes place . Do the hair turn colors before bud swelling occurs? I ordered a 60x handheld microscope to check tricomes in a few weeks, that along with my bubble bags will come this week. How long is flowering generally for a photo period plant?

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  2. Lookin' good, nice work. I would forget about days/weeks of flowering and focus on indicators of ripeness. I would say you've got a solid 4 weeks left so you have time to get your ducks lined up for harvest and curing.

    I have a 60x-120x handheld microscope and find them essentially useless (maybe yours is different). If after trying yours out you find it's hard to use, try one of these lens kits for cell phones. I've been using one for a few years, works great. You can snap a bunch of close up pics then go sit back and zoom around in on them to get a pretty good read on the average trichome status.

    Here's a good link to learn when to harvest. This also has pics that show progression of the flowers so you get a sense of where you're at.
    When is the Best Time to Harvest Marijuana Buds? (For Highest Potency) | Grow Weed Easy
  3. They pile on weight in the last 2 weeks also does depend strain to strain as you will find out if you continue your good work they look really well for 27 days but is that from flip to 12/12
  4. Thank you for the link and helpful info on harvest, so I have a closet that I'm planning on using for the 5-7 day cure, it runs around 45 % humidity and 73 average temperature , would my buds be OK in there, do I run my intake and exhaust fans only. Any info or opinions on that would help
  5. 3 days from flip , she had preflower for a long time but I took a little more time lst and supercroppin her. Needless to say she had a long veg period and was dying to be flipped. I also had anot her girl in a dwc and was trying to hold out on Flippin to 12 s because I wanted my other plant a bit bigger . Short story she hermied on me and was close to impregnation my beauty , so I ripped it out.
  6. So 30 days if you count the 3 days prior to me feeding bloom nutes. I didn't notice much change in those 3 days prior to feeding so that's why I consider it 27 days.
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  7. Yes good choice imo lol well yes you will certainly see them swell in last 2 weeks a beautiful site and jewellers loupe are absolutely fine mine works fine for me it's abit of common sense mixed in with watching them trichs you can pull em early but it will be a harsh smoke and very heady when trichs are about 70 percent amber they basically ripened and you will get a nice clear high smooth on the pull and exhale and people believe the terpenes are at ripe good luck with your hobby
  8. Im definitely waiting till prime time, I have the patience, I just like to be prepared and informed. Avoiding mistakes is what I'm all about.
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  9. Well with that been said I can only say you will be a very successful and happy person if you do as hobby job or just sheer experimental it's so much fun when you sort of get over your first 4 5 grows when you gain patience and the knowledge that is out there is overwhelming but you get used to all problems you bump into I absolutely adore all my babies and would never stop by law or force 1 fundamental issue don't tell anyone
  10. Im quiet as a field mouse but hopefully proposition ab482 passes and it will no longer be illegal in wisconsin
  11. Bud swelling is just an on going process, with weeks 3 -6 when a bud is flowering hard and building most its size...The specs that come with a strains seeds, give you a good idea HOW LONG it takes from timer flip to 12/12 until harvest....there is usually a week to 2 week 'window'...for example, an 8 week plant might be listed as 7-9 weeks for maturity....If u pick it on the earlier side, your trichs will be cloudy and without amber color...this stage produces a more UP side of a plants effects...pick on the later side, your trich will already have had many turn and amber color...this brings out the HEAVIER side of strains effect...NOW, many have a misconception about amber trich....when trichs turn this color the THC is in the process of oxidizing and breaking down...its converting to other cannabinoids which have a more sleepy effect...The peak THC potency starts degrading as soon as you see the 1st amber trichs....Personally, I rather grow a strain known for a heavy indica high rather than taking one with more heady/euphoric effects and over ripen then to MAKE IT more heavy....BOTTOM LINE is peak THC is immediately BEFORE trichs turn amber..If you harvest at the 1st sign of trich color change to amber, your plants will be as strong as its is genetically predispositioned to be....Its also personal preference on the effects one enjoys...Know your strain, and try it at a cpl ways...find YOUR SWEET SPOT...
  12. Very good info yankee, ive read a few of ur posts and like that you have 30 + Yrs of growing experience . Im tryin to find that really stoney spot , i have a handheld microscope on its way , 60x magnification . I hope that will be good enough to tell on color change .
  13. By the time you get trich color change, ALL your pistils will have browned and wilted...good time to start watching....not like your window of opportunity is judged by hours but by a cpl or few days...What I do, is take a good photos with my phone, and them zoom in the picture to have a close look......once I sort seeds, I am primarily working from clones....So the next round, I already know the pick date...Nice stable system running and consistent results keeps the timing the same each time....also seems like every strain is REALLY READY 1 week later than what the specs says...
  14. Yea i have a few weeks i believe but to early to even estimate, the strain is cheese. I was gettin killer smoke from a buddy out west and got 1 seed out of a zip and saved it. I was going to order seeds but wanted to get one grow under my belt before buying some. So far that 1 seed has paid off. I was initially just gonna start with autos but i like how you can build a bigger plant with regular plants.

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