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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by NujabesTokes, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. If i wanted to find a spot and do an outdoor grow, and i could find a good spot (i got lots of time till plantin time), would there be any possibility of growing without ever tending to the plants. Like just get a shitload of bag seeds from the year (from some nicely grown buds), and plant them, then hope for the best. Just go back when it should be almost done. I dont care about the sexes, id just just be growing for myself, so seedy buds not a problem (ill just save the seeds for the next year).

    Is there a chance that one or more of the plants could at least get to the point where the buds would have barely any potency? Or will i get nothing most likely.

    Northeast Region Us for climate
  2. Well since marijuana is a natural plant and can grow naturally as long as any other plant that gets the right conditions. So im guessing if you find the perfect spot. That wont flood,or be found and has a water source then I would plant a lot. take care of them for 2 weeks to a month and by then they should be mature to at least having a chance of surviving.
  3. yeah, that should work out just fine, good ol Ma Nature takes care of her own I always say! My question to you -- if you are going to the trouble of scouting a location, tilling the soil, and buying seeds...why not tend the plants? Seedy bud is a pain in the ass, plus the THC levels of the bud can be 50% lower cuz the energy is wasted on seeds not bud. Just curious as to your thought process.
  4. Do it and see what happens, might be nice to have a dfferent area that you do take care of just in case

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