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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by The Ripped One, Aug 8, 2002.

  1. My friend always did the growing when we were growing up, now we separated our own ways. I have begun to grow, is a soft white 100 watt bulb enough for one plant that I started in a six inch pot?

    I also bought plant food called bloom plus, for helping roots start and a rapid this good? Should I feed it everyday for the first 2 weeks?

  2. So regular 100 watt bulbs, wont work at all?
  3. u need to get your self a good 100 watt flourocent light if your going to grow just one plant otherwise u need more if your growing more than one
  4. disreguard the last message, the new question refrased is:

    Is an incandescent 150 watt, 2780 lumens light bulb enough light for one plant.

    Thankyou for the website, but I really do need an answer for this question, as soon as possible.

  5. probably give average results, ideally you need about 3000 lumens per plant. But you can get results as low as 1500 so try it and see.
    good luck

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