Question mescaline/weed.

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  1. So my friend picked up an eighth of some shit the other day. He said he smoked about 3 bowls and went in his room. He also said the bud looked really white like snow. So he said about 1 hour to 2 into the high he said it started to feel really weird and shit but thats not what i want to talk about.

    My main question is, wouldn't it just be a waste to lace some weed with mescaline, it'd just be a waste of money.. I told him it was definatley just some dank shit but he wont believe me.

    What do you guys think?
  2. Lacing weed with mescaline is the stupidest thing Ive heard today. Your bud is really potent and your friend has no tolerance. no tollerance + strong weed = new smokers thinking their weed is laced:D
  3. hahaha no he has tolerance. he smokes every day. He's smoked some dank shit too. Don't get me wrong I'm 99% sure it wasn't laced too, I just wanted to hear other answers.
  4. I guess feeling weird = smoking a nice sativa and being happy instead of down and tired :smoking:
  5. no he described it more than that.
    I just don't want to type that much
  6. Then how can we possibly even guess what happened? I mean hell you can't expect us to think "yes it was laced with 23% pcp and all the rest was normal cannabis with a hint of mescalin."

    Not that it was laced anyways, maybe just a different strain he isn't use to and a new way of smoking.
  7. unless it was laced with mescaline HCl, your friend didn't smoke mescaline.

    He would have also had to smoke A LOT of mescaline HCl laced bud to get any effects.

    Your friend just had a whitey. Tolerance or not, he got too high. His bud wasn't laced.
  8. haaha yeah.. thats what I said

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