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  1. image.jpeg )So I've never grown dwc or hydro before this is my first go and as much as I'm pretty dam impressed with what I'm achieving for first grow I've noticed something
    In my res I have 3 airlines that run constant and an enormous root mass but I've noticed that my roots not just in the res but coming out of the basket seem to constantly change colour lol it seems they go through a cycle of turning a tan colour for couple days which gets me worried a little then boom they go brilliant white no tan colour in site then day or 2 later tan colour again then bam brilliant white I've had no issues with anything in the res other than fluctuating ph which gets corrected once at 6.5 back to 5.5 does anyone else's roots change colour like this ?
  2. Hmm, I've recently noticed this also. Well I noticed it on my last res change. My ph has been ok, but my res temp is higher than ideal. 75-78* res temp here.

    I don't have an answer for you but am happy to compare notes.

    I'm in veg.

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  3. Just really odd lol I checked early today n where tan colour again then checked bout an hour ago n where bloody white again lol I dunno it's got me stumped haha

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