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Question: Is it celebrating 4:20 if you toke @ any 20 mins past the hour?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by WKUK, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. Do you think it's celebrating 4:20 by toking @ any 20 mins past the hour, cause it's gotta be 4:20 somewhere right? lol
  2. Smoking at 4:20 is retarded, it doesn't work with my schedule So i smoke at 8:20=P Anyway the Whitest kids you knw is pretty fuckin funny.
  3. Its 4:20 somewhere in the world isnt it? Seriously though what does it matter? I keep my clocks at a constant 4:20 so i can blaze all day :D:D

    Just playin, i dont need an excuse to b;aze all day ;)
  4. Dude...just smoke weed.
  5. Seriously? The time shouldn't impact when you toke up. Do you know the story behind 4:20? You're just copying when someone else toked up.

    Look at when you want to toke, when it responsibly fits into your schedule and toke up.

    Alternatively take the batteries out of your clock and leave it at 4:20 ;) :smoking:
  6. the fucks 4:20?
  7. ive heard if you smoke at 11:20, you're probably homosexual
  8. So much hate towards 420, our beloved number and time...

    I always enjoy a 420 smoke, but never bend my schedule or inconvenience myself or others to have a 420 sesh. April 20 is always a fun day, too.
  9. So much hate on 4:20 you all know you fucking loved that time back when and went apeshit over it.

    Yes anything withing the 4'oclock hour is considered celebrating 4:20 imho.

    Check out how I ruined my friends 4:20 sesh!
  10. I hope all of these people hating on 4:20 don't treat April 20th any different than any other day.
  11. The only day i consider 420 is on april 20 th thats always an awesome experience getting stoned.
  12. To quote PFlover, a gal who has been toking almost as long as I have,- "Recreation users smoke at 4:20, medical users smoke on the 20!"

  13. [quote name='"Storm Crow"']To quote PFlover, a gal who has been toking almost as long as I have,- "Recreation users smoke at 4:20, medical users smoke on the 20!"


    Does that mean every 20 minutes or the 20th of each month?
  14. I love a 4:20 session. It's the best. I'm usually pretty high by 420 so I just get Fucking Owned at 420 :smoke:

    And to answer your question. No.
  15. The only 420 I care about is 4/20.
  16. I smoke when ever I feel like it, you don't contribute to anything but an old saying where kids would meet up to smoke after school in the early 1970's. They'd say "420" to each other, and they know the time and place to meet and smoke.

  17. I don't think the question was where did 4:20 come from. But thanks :devious:
  18. It's celebrating 4:20 if you toke at any time.

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