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Question in relation to cancer..

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by HoneyDutch09, May 20, 2011.

  1. My dad was recently diagnosed with brain cancer and he has just started his radiation and chemo treatments. When I driving home from the hospital the night we all found out, the first thing that came to my mind was "when, not if, can I cure my dad of this?" He is a strong man, and his recovery has been phenomenal.

    Anyway, I'm well aware that cannabis and DCA have been proven to stunt cancer growth and even starve it to death in some cases, but do not know where to go with this. This is something I would love to "prescribe" to my dad but don't know how he would take it, considering his hatred for the plant. But, he's not an idiot. Him and I have talked for hours about numerous methods of fighting his cancer, but not once has be brought up cannabis or DCA. It's obvious he's done his research and probably read up on cannabis curing cancer, but probably doesn't believe it or is scared because it's illegal.

    My question is this: Is there anyone on GC who is using cannabis or DCA to cure cancer or knows someone who is/has done it? Any help is appreciated.

    Currently, he is on a strict all organic, vegetarian diet with no glucose. He eats flaxseed oil several times a day and juices carrots almost 10 times a day. He also stays away from his cell phone, because we all believe the cell phone is what caused his cancer. I'm very happy that he's taking this on with full force, but part of me believes this may not be enough to fully cure him.
  2. A place to start is flax seed vs hemp seed! Legal and non-psychedelic! Hemp as a better balance of Omega3 to Omega 6 than flax! :hello:

    Hemp and Flax Seeds and Oil in Modern Nutrition : An Overview
    (article – no date)

    Flax Seed vs. Hemp Powder (article – 2011)
    \tFlax Seed vs. Hemp Powder |

    Hemp Oil Vs. Flax Oil (article – no date)
    \tHemp Oil Vs. Flax Oil |

    Hemp Oil vs Flax Oil. Which One is Right for Me? (article - no date)
    Hemp Oil vs Flax Oil. Which One is Right for Me? | Manitoba Harvest - Hemp Foods and Oils

    Therapeutic Hemp Oil (article - no date)
    Therapeutic Hemp Oil, by Andrew Weil, M.D

    Then there are these about glioma- don't know if that's your Dad's type of brain cancer, but since glioma is one of the more nasty ones, these ought to get his attention! they basically sent these two girls home to die- but they didn't! :smoke: :smoke:

    Cannabis Inhalation Associated With Spontaneous Tumor Regression
    \t(news - 2010)
    Cannabis Inhalation Associated With Spontaneous Tumor Regression, Study Says | NORML Blog, Marijuana Law Reform

    Spontaneous regression of septum pellucidum/forniceal pilocytic astrocytomas-possible role of Cannabis inhalation. (abst – 2011)
    Spontaneous regression of septum pellucidum/fornic... [Childs Nerv Syst. 2011] - PubMed result

    Is Dad getting temozolomide for his chemo?

    A combined preclinical therapy of cannabinoids and temozolomide against glioma.
    (abst – 2011)
    \tA combined preclinical therapy of cannabinoids and... [Mol Cancer Ther. 2011] - PubMed result

    And I may as well throw in the latest "gliomas" I've gathered for my List, too!

    Stimulation of the midkine/ALK axis renders glioma cells resistant to cannabinoid antitumoral action. (abst – 2011)
    \tStimulation of the midkine/ALK axis renders glioma... [Cell Death Differ. 2011] - PubMed result

    Marijuana Compound Induces Cell Death In Hard-To-Treat Brain Cancer
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    \tMarijuana Compound Induces Cell Death In Hard-To-Treat Brain Cancer - NORML

    And a couple on RSO (aka Rick Simpson's Oil, Phoenix Oil, Hemp oil)

    The Illegal Herb that Fights Cancer (news - 2011)
    \tThe Illegal Herb that Fights Cancer | Cannabis Culture Magazine

    Cannabis Science Provides Physician's Documentation That Confirms Successful Treatment of Skin Cancer (news/ info-mercial – 2011)
    Cannabis Science Provides Physician

    And you might click that 1st link in my sig and scroll down to the "CANCER" sections. You should read for a while, then call Dad over and tell him to "just read the titles". ;)

    Hope that helps!

    Granny :wave:
  3. Please look at using hash oil orally (Rick Simpson Oil). I have a patient with a brain tumor that was sent to palliative care (end of the line) with maybe a week left. It is six months later. He is eating, sleeping, and able to joke with his family. He has gained 20 lbs. and is feeling much better. There is no doubt in my mind he would not be with us if not for this treatment.

    There are other patients with cancer that are undergoing chemo and taking the oil. One is young guy who relapsed. This was his second time undergoing cancer treatment in his life. He feels that the hash oil has made a huge difference. He is able to eat, get adequate pain control without narcotics, and handle his nausea without more pharmaceuticals. He says the oil has allowed him to feel more like a normal person even though he is undergoing chemo therapy.

    Here is a link to a thread that another GC user made. He is making the oil for his fiance.

    Good luck. Feel free to PM me if you have any other questions.
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    My father started using rick Simpsons healing oil and in the last 6 months his prostate cancer has gone from dr's saying u need radiation therapy or biopsy's to if I i didn't know your medical history I'd be asking you what your doing here.

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