Question. How do you dry your pieces?

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  1. As of right now, I own a messias illsuion double perc, and a epic pre-cooler from weed star.

    These things are a bitch to dry because of the multiple chambers.

    So i was wondering if you guys have any tips on how to help the drying process along.

    I recently started using a blow dry to heat the center of the chamber. I figured the increased temperature in the middle chamber will force air currents through it, by way of convection.

    Although i did scare myself in that, I dont understand glass making process, and I know dont know if a conventional hair drier can hurt my Weed star pieces. Since I know they arent top of the line.

    So I ask to you all. First off, is it safe to use a hair drier? it does work, but I dont want to break my piece by accident.

    and two. what do you guys do to help dry your perc'ed pieces.
  2. i think the hair dryer is safe as long as you don't have it some place cold right after drying it. thatll crack the piece, and i just let my pieces air dry
  3. I just dump the water out and make sure the outside is dry. Who cares about a few drops? They dry up.

  4. Couldn't have said it better.
    If its clean water, what the fucks it going to hurt?
  5. Rinse it thoroughly, pour as much of the water as you can and then you can just shake some off. It doesn't have to be completly dry, but if it's not dry then store it somewhere with good ventilation.
  6. I dump the water and turn it upside down and just let it air dry. Takes time, but I don't smoke that often. However mine's only a single chamber, idk how well that'd work for a multi.
  7. .... who completely dries their piece inside and out before using it? That's insane
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    well my problem is that I dont smoke often.

    its not a matter of being a neat freak. but humid enclosed areas are prefect areas for bacteria to grow.

    It wouldnt be enough to produce a huge colony, but the concept of colonies forming in my pieces between sessions is realistic.

    But as long as weed star isnt so shitty that it will break from hot air from a hair drier, I will definitely keep using it.

    and I also have an uncalled for hatred towards people that dont clean their pieces. Thus I clean the fuck out of my piece -.-;
  9. I've often had the same worry.. The main thing to think about is this: Bacteria needs more than just water to thrive, they need a source of food as well. Once the water dries up, they die... Basically there's not much to keep the bacteria alive when you get right down to it..

    MOLD on the other hand, is a different story.
  10. space heater/air conditioner, depending on the time of year.
  11. do you wash your hands 8 times every hour? like seriously... if you just let it sit it will dry before there is a chance for any bacteria to grow. i think you are being a bit OCD because no one that i know cares about drying out the inside of their bong.

    or you could always use a sham-wow, those faggots clean everything.

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