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Question (hashish) oil?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by nameforbrownies, Oct 22, 2010.

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    Yo, question:

    Marijuana ground up and in vegetable oil, a whole ounce of it. If you stop cooking the THC before all of it gets into the oil then you waste the byproduct?

    Will I get high off the ounce of plant matter? Even if, that ounce of theoretical waste material still contains the active chemical?

    By the way you guys I have a load of heaping reasons why smoking weed is dumb and eating it is smarter.
  2. thanks this confused me in a loop where i kept reading it and am still lost

  3. Hash oil is a concentrate - it can not be made by cooking cannabis in cooking oil. I suggest you research solvent extracts.

  4. Keep on keeping on brother I just need a reasonable reason here.

    Cause these theoretical brownies need to bake lol
  5. If I could solve all the problems in the world I would, but first I need to figure out how much THC is in ~28 oz of marijuana and how long it takes for that THC to dissolve into olive oil. So a person can get some nutrients up in here.
  6. Your first question in the original post was awfully confusing. You said stop "cooking the thc".... by "thc" did you mean weed?

    By "wasting the byproduct" did you mean "is the weed trash now that I've cooked it in oil, even if some cannabinoids remain in it?" If that's what you meant then yes, it's trash. Even if all the THC and cannabinoids didn't get cooked out of it, it was still cooked and coated in cooking oil. I highly suggest not smoking cooked weed tainted with cooking oil.

    Your next question "will I get high off the ounce of plant matter?" Once again I'm going to guess you mean what's left of the plant matter after you cooked it into oil for edibles, and once again no you shouldn't smoke it, it probably wouldn't be a very pleasant high at all. Then, "even if it still contains the active chemical?" Like I said in the last paragraph it really doesn't matter if there's anything left in it in my opinion. I mean I wouldn't smoke any weed that has been covered in cooking oil, regardless of how much THC is left in it.

    P.S. I wouldn't state "smoking weed is dumb" so matter-of-factly. It's never been proven to cause illnesses. Edibles do not affect some people due to inability to absorb the active cannabinoids. They can also take up to 2 hours to work for some, while smoking is often instant. This can make a world of difference in patients using marijuana medicinally.

    Like Clinton said, the title of this thread is incorrect as the process you're describing (infusing cooking oil with weed) is that of how to make edibles, not hash oil. Hash oil is an oily substance made in a very different process, typically intended for smoking.

  7. In your original post you said one ounce, now it's 1.75 pounds :confused:

    And what reason could you possibly have for needing to know the exact amount of THC in 28 ounces :confused:. Every strain has drastically varying percentages of THC, you'd have to send it to a lab to get tested to know that. Cooking edibles certainly doesn't require that information though :confused:

    How long would it take to dissolve into olive oil? A long ass time unless you had a massive stove. You aren't going to be able to fit anywhere near 28 ounces in one batch of oil, you'll have to make numerous.

    Edit: Did you mean 28 grams? If you just meant one ounce then search in the edibles section there's plenty of How-to threads in there.
  8. If you wish to extract all the medicine you can from an ounce - first soak cannabis in Ethel alcohol over night - drain off liquid (you can place in cloth bad to hand squeeze out all the liquid you can. Throw away plant matter.

    Then let alcohol evaporate or gently heat (be careful) to evaporate liquid. You will end up with gooey hash.

    Or add liquid to editable oil and heat gently to create a super-infused oil.

    The resulting oil can be used to bake items. 3 grams of concentrate in 1/2-whole cube of butter is powerful butter.

  9. :confused: Doesn't matter because life itself swallowed up my fucking life again.
  10. Yes, but too much. I'm quitting the herb.
  11. Man I'm not a weed cooking expert, but are you saying you put an oz into come cooking oil and like heated it up? I've done that before to make brownies when the recipe called for oil. If that's what you did, I'd just make brownies and cookies and shit till you've used it all up, and eat however many it takes to get blitzed.

    Hash oil on the other hand I think is something completely different. That's where you'd use alcohol or something like that to seperate the oil from the mostly water based plant tissue, resulting in a very small amount of extremely potent shit.
  12. Hahahahaha in 5 posts you went from wanting to make edibles with one ounce, to wanting to make edibles with 1 and 3/4 pounds to quitting weed altogether :hello::p:smoke:

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