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Question, Grass City

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Somnia, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. #1 Somnia, Jun 2, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 2, 2009
    Me and my friend were talking (we're new to weed, don't get us wrong, it is the shit haha) and in honesty we dont have a clue how hash is made. All i know is it's resin from the plant pressed together... or at least i think so anyway. The next time we are getting high we are going to buy an ounce Pollen because we couldnt get any White Widdow, i know, quite the step down, and my friend asked me:-

    'Do dealers put harmfull shit in there hash for profit, like plastic?'

    ...And i was like:-

    'wtf... no because they'd lose sales if they put harmfull shit in it'

    My friend doesn't neccaserilly mean plastic is harmfull but i think that was the first thing that came to his head. I've herd from people that plastic and rubber gets put in hash when they press it to give the smoker a better high.

    I'm just curious Grass City:- Is this true?

  2. Ive never expierienced any rubber or plastic it,and if you do Id call the person who sold it to me back and get my $$. Hash can be made a few different ways.For example theres bubble/cold water extraction, dry sieving trichomes to press into hash,and QWISO extraction.
  3. I have never made hash before but I have done enough research on it. Tape and rubber bands are used to bind the paper that you press the hash into but it's not actually IN the hash. If some motherfucker is putting that shit in the hash, get your money back and tell that tit to fuck off.
  4. Soapbar from the UK, Thank god i am not in the UK, i here that shite is contaminated and nasty.
  5. Never smoked hash, maybe making it would be an option when I find a good way to do it free, I'll try it. But right now, I don't trust the stuff, I'm afraid of it being too harsh, the content is questionable in my eyes - I'll just smoke good bud I guess.

    Siggarettes today.. ugh. But at least new dailyshow/colbert report to watch later on, it's one of those days.
  6. I've heard that there is the possibility when buying hash rather than making your own that it is occasionally cut with other things to dilute it. Not necessarily harmful products but you do run the risk that you'll get less than you pay for.

    And to the fellow who mentioned tape and rubber bands that is only generally used in small scale hash making for personal use. Commercial hash is usually made in a hydraulic press
  7. I don't know about hash but I've heard of lead and ground glass being put into bags to increase the weight. And then there's those dealers who'll use hairspray to make buds look stickier.
  8. Ouh! Hadn't seen gorgeous Alba in a while ^^

    Plastic in hash giving a bigger high? I wouldn't touch that one with a granola soft bar.

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