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Question:good or bad deal?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by marajuanman, May 26, 2009.

  1. So my friend can get me 1 gram of ak-47 for $25, good or bad deal for area of central Ohio? HELP ME OUT!!!
  2. too much money dont do it
  3. well its a bit over priced but the more father away from the west coast and Mexico, the more expensive the weed is going to get unless he knows a grower. i live on the east coast and its about that price for dank.
  4. thats a lot for 1 g, thats about enough for 2, dont do it, or tell you friend to stop lying
  5. That's the price for exotics araound me :/

    but in o-high-o you should be able to find it for 20 $
  6. enough for 2 grams of AK?

    not at all dude..
  7. yeah i think he is just trying to make a few bucks, but all the good weed around here costs alot for not much
  8. Yea thats a good deal if it's legit AK. I know lots of people who used to sell grams for $25.

    EDIT- Actually, it's not a good deal, but it is a decent deal. If your out of bud and can't find anything else, get the AK and it's a decent deal. A good deal would be a gram for $20.
  9. if i were you i'd see how much an 8th is.... if you can get an 8th for $60 (standard prices for dank around here, and im in PA so not too far from you) if you cant afford that then maybe sell some of it? idk just getting one gram for $25 isnt really worth it, especially if thats like all the money you have (idk if you have a job or whatever) you could get like a quarter ounce of mids for that price.
  10. yeah where i live i can get regs for like 30 an 8th but all the good shit is alot more
  11. your getting ripped off..
  12. the most id pay for an 8th is what i pay now which is $65/3.5g, $25/g isnt worth it, and a quarter of mids is the same price here, $25 for 7g, pretty good stuff
  13. damn wut do u pay for regs?
  14. regs is $20 for 7g here, mexican brick, its sorta green, just sorta..
  15. yeah well my friend that i used to buy off of i could get a quarter of sum mids for 50$ and then a 8th of shake for like 20$ but ugh i cant get a hold of him which really sucks
  16. make more friends, drug dealers arent that hard to find, especially for mids, people have called me asking about pounds and comparing prices from $1000-1400(448g), its really easy to get, just find people by asking around for mids
  17. well ok thanks

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