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  1. I've been Into flower12/12 for about two weeks now and I'm seeing some decent bud growth on several places on the plant. I'm also noticing my fan leaves seem to be getting yellow, or even some brown spots. Surely this isnt normal. I'll attach a pic for reference. I lst her about a week into flowering if that may affect it. Thanks guys

  2. Looks like ph problems...have you tried flushing?
  3. Whats the Ph of the water you use after you add all the nutrients?
  4. could be normal. my plant started doing the same thing early flower and i freaked out was stressing trying to figure it out. all i ended up doing is giving it calmag and i kept giving it grow ferts but very little like only 20ml a week. now on day 33 of flower the thing has some beastly buds and is doing just fine. and still continues to have yellow leaves and some of the leaves are eve curling up and dying.. go figure
  5. but then again every plant is different
  6. I wouldn't worry about adding anything until you flush. Can you give us some more details about your setup? Soil, nutes, soil ph, water ph, etc.
  7. Sounds like mag deficiency.

  8. ditto!!! "every" time i grow, i have a few leaves here and there that display all kinds of def's. i don't let it bother me, and just cut them off. now, if i saw a number of leaves with issues i'd start looking for problems. it's kind of funny when i see people posting all freaked out about a couple of leaves.
  9. [quote name='"bcharley2010"']I wouldn't worry about adding anything until you flush. Can you give us some more details about your setup? Soil, nutes, soil ph, water ph, etc.[/quote]

    As far as soil I didn't go a good route. Cheap mixing soil but I mixed with vermiculite. The soil ph usually has to be lowered daily. If any solution for that is known I'm all ears. The ph is usually
    about 7 everyday. I have light miracle grow nutes mixed with the water with a bit of vinegar to
    balance the ph of the solution. I give just a little of this solution every 2 days. I'm running 3 cfl 20w on just a single plant.
  10. Wow man you gonna fight that battle with ph the whole 9-10weeks it may take to flower her out? Maybe longer ?

    Hate to suggest it but maybe emergency transplant?
    Foolhardy to start flowering with these issues.
    Get some lime/bonemeal in your soil
  11. I dunno bout vinegar for ph balancing, never heard of that. But try flushing with RO water or distilled water. But like someone said above me, I wouldn't worry too much about one leaf.
    And for the soil, I have been using FF Ocean Forest, and it's been giving me ph problems the past 2 runs. Cant seem to get the soil ph above 5.8 no matter how many times I flush, I'm looking for a new soil to run with..Honestly the more I would try to raise it, the worse it got. A little trick I picked up is to not saturate the soil when you water. I don't aim for the 30% run off most people on this site advise to look for. Sometimes I barely let any runoff come out of the pot. You have to water more, but it also lets the roots get more O2. Try It and see how it works..Also I would use nutes every other watering.
  12. Here's some shots of the leaves.


  13. take a pic of the whole plant
  14. I would try transplanting into a bigger pot, don't add nutes or anything, except RO or distilled water, that should be a good start.
  15. It's in a 5 gallon pot now. I just recently lst it. Maybe the stress from that is affecting the health
  16. Hmm I've never seen lst cause stress like that, at least to any of my grows anyway. It's called Low Stress Training for a reason. How recently did you transplant into the 5 gallon? I would put it into a fresh batch of soil, 5 gallon is a perfect size. So re-do the transplant, and take it easy on the watering. Let the soil dry out for the roots to get some oxygen, and also encourages the roots to spread out and grow looking for water. Like I said before I would only be watering with reverse osmosis water, or distilled water. I wouldn't use vinegar for ph balancing, that could be causing the problem.
  17. What's the best way to lower ph in soil then?
  18. General Hydroponics Ph down
  19. this is not normal this early in flower, it sounds like nutrient lockout possibly

    just like humans if you take too much of a certain vitamin/nutrient it can really cause some problems

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