Question for you lady tokers!~!

Discussion in 'General' started by nushaganazad, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. Well ladies, i am quite the chef, i love to cook, and of course i learned from my mom, best cook EVER!! i swear lol.

    BUT how many of you ladies out there like there man to make u some cooking? turn on? turn off? care less? lol. just thinking if its a good way to start off a date with MY cooking, is that somen most of you like? i am just now getting to the point where im willing to show people besides my stoner buddies my esquisite cooking lol

    Whats ur input?
  2. well me personaly i love it when a man cooks me dinner on the first date...turns me on like a llight
  3. In the middle of a party, clear out the kitchen and cook up some bomb food = women all over you. Very good tactic, and worth studying when you've got the munchies. Me loves cooking :)
  4. wow i always thought u were a guy. probably cuz its mr not mrs bubbles

  5. He is a guy.
  6. u sure? haha

    jk bubbles lol
  7. :D

    Do I like it when guys cook? ABSOLUTELY. I cook dinner everynight, my husband is spoiled and he knows it. I let him do the BBQ ( thats his kitchen) cause I just dont like propane...scares me..
    ANyways hell yeah on that one, just stay the hell outta my kitchen. I probably wouldnt be so bitter if i had a bigger kitchen.. :p Just not enough room you know? cheers! :bongin:
  8. I cannot cook AT ALL! haha so I like being with a guy who can.
    I think its definatley a great way to start off a date :) Really romantic and I'm sure she'll love it. its a huuuuge turn on for me! But that may be just because I love all food so much!! mmmm
  9. alright Tootsie, imma move to the real BC and come cook for you lol.
  10. YES YES YES!!!


    A stoner-man that cooks is an amazing man in my book!!! ;)

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